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The best shield uav anti-jamming equipment

The drone jammer is customized according to the frequency bands of different countries, please confirm that the purchase country and the actual use country are consistent. Otherwise it can not be used.Please read the jammer function before purchasing.

The latest development of drone jamming gun

This drone jammer is a very portable drone jammer. It has the characteristics of light weight and detachable parts. The device can jamming drone signals at 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz. The jamming range is up to 1000 meters

Russia latest drone jamming gun

Kalashnikov konzian, one of Russia's largest weapons manufacturers, unveiled for the first time a drone jamster designed to shoot down uavs, the rex-1 anti-drone electromagnetic gun, at the army-2017 international military technology BBS in Moscow on Sunday.

Russia will jam all drone signals

The Russian state ministry has announced that drone jammer will be used during the 2018 World Cup in Russia to ensure that nothing happens during the match. Drones can be used in sports competitions. Coaches can learn more information about players' actions through aerial photography in training, so as to conduct targeted guidance and improve the tactical level. Obviously, aerial photography technology, which used to be complicated and extremely expensive, has become very easy after drones came into the consumer domain, bringing us more new perspectives.

Russian signal jammers affect the war

The Russian military has been blocking signals from us drones fighting over Syria, saying it is seriously affecting us military operations, according to four us officials, NBC news reported Thursday.

Airports are struggling to eliminate illegal drones

Changsha, feb 9 (chinadaily) -- a drone jammer has been tested at changsha huanghua international airport, in an effort to eliminate the security risks caused by the black flight. It is reported that after passing the test, the anti-uav system will be put into use in the near future to protect the safe take-off and landing of flights.

Drone killers signal jammer

Two pieces of anti-drone news have been circulating on the Internet recently. One is that the UK has developed an anti-drone System called AUDS(anti-uav Defence System), and the other is that researchers at the Korea institute for advanced research in science and technology (KAIST) have used sound waves to jam the drone's airborne gyroscope. As a matter of fact, with the popularity of micro and small drones, how to regulate them has become a headache for government agencies around the world. Drones have caused numerous troubles around the world. The White House, the Japanese imperial palace and the 101 building have become targets of drone intrusion.

China is ahead of the US in drone jamming technology

According to the PLA daily on October 29, a ministry of the xinjiang military region demonstrated a new type of anti-uav equipment -- electromagnetic interference ray gun during a practical exercise. On October 19, an unmanned reconnaissance drone flew into the air and circled at an altitude of about 300 meters, the report said. Real-time high-definition footage from the drone was shown on a large screen at the command post, with fist-sized rocks visible on the ground.

Iran's advanced laser drone jammer

The drone jammer, Siraf, was built by cadets at the Isfahan artillery academy. According to the instructions, the drone will have a working radius of 100 kilometers and will be equipped with instruments (including "laser" instruments) that will interfere with enemy uav observation systems.

Uav jammer protection system accepted

It is reported that Perfectjammer recently launched DroneSentry and DroneSentinel two sets of drone signal jammer, and has begun to accept orders, will soon be deployed in the United States.

How to use the uav jammer to maintain order?

Hello, our team of experts have discussed your idea. Have to say that your idea is very interesting, and has certain feasibility. First of all, the chaos of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) market does need to governance.

Can I stop the government surveillance drones?

Hi, my friend. We have learned that you. It seems you are facing government surveillance. Now with the mature of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) technology, the government gradually reduce human input, start using unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) tour of the city

The most effective way to deal with drones right now

While UAV detection radars, drone spectrum analyzers and UAV detection sensors are designed to provide timely notices about approaching UAVs, the complete Anti-Drone system requires the usage of additional devices in order to eliminate threats, caused by drones penetrating protected perimeters.The drone jammer are used to jam drone signals and force it to land, cancel the transfer of photo or video materials from the drone to the operator and make the operator lose control over the drone in case it carries hazardous substances. In other words, the jamming systems provide the intentional emission of radio frequency signals to block UAVs in a particular sector.

The soft kill method of uav - jammer

The Drone Gun Jammer is a lightweight, soft kill, drone jamming solution for use on remote weapon stations. The Drone Gun Jammer module will force drones (single or swarm attack) into a fail-safe mode where they will either hover or slowly descend. This function will allow the operator to utilize a kinetic weapon or other mounted equipment to more easily neutralize the target. Included perfectjammer jamming technology has been developed specifically for drone mitigation, offering an effective response to an urgent threat.

Special drone jammer from Russia

It is reported that Russia has been in the use of a special kind of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) jammer. In addition to the large range of interference, the jammer is very covert. Because the U.S. military hasn't figured out how the russians used the cell phone jammer. So, admittedly, Russia has a higher level of jamming equipment than the United States.

UAV jammer protects own business

Some time ago, a company in Shanghai was revealed that a drone was often hovering around the company, as if taking pictures of the company's internal conditions, so the company boss decided to use a drone jammer to knock it down to protect the safety of his company...

The rapid development of UAV jammer countermeasures

The U.S. joint forces have achieved perfect victory in military exercises. drone jammer have made great contributions to countermeasures. Nowadays, the power of UAVs requires more and more functions for UAV countermeasures...

The drone jammer is made in China

China’s technology in the field of drones can be said to be among the best in the world. In particular, civilian drones are affordable and cheap...

Drone jammer interrupts drone surveillance

We are proud of the development of drones, but I am very angry with the chaos caused by violation of drone usage rules.drone jammer have become an important tool to deal with drones. I don’t have another store that uses anti-drone jammers, but for our store equipment, we have undergone rigorous testing.

Mobile Cell Phone Jammers Interrupts Drone Signal Transmission

Now the community pays special attention to tracking issues. We have conducted some research and may tell you that Perfectjammer.com may have a solution.

Drone jammer used by police

All parties, including media professionals, are reminded not to fly drones anywhere in the country until the Movement Control Order (MCO) takes effect. May 12.

Small drones are a challenge for advanced military

The Jerusalem-Raphael Advanced Defense System recently tested its Counter-UAS UAV dome system, in which the system uses alaser beam to identify and intercept moving targets.

Mobile phones are very dangerous for school exams

Since the advent of cell phone jammer, laptops, examination rooms, schools, prisons and other departments have trusted it. In fact, mobile phone signal jammers are nothing new abroad. In recent years, they have begun to be sold on the domestic market!

Mobile jammers are widely used

We must adopt reasonable and scientific methods to deal with the interference from mobile phone signals. The working principle of a mobile phone jammer is to send a specific signal to wake up or interfere with the signal between the mobile phone and the base station, so that the mobile phone has no signal or cannot find network services.

Mobile phone jammers have nothing to do with satellite communications

In the past few years, various types of mobile cell phone jammer have appeared one after another. We are dazzled and confused. In fact, not all products are suitable for us. Some products are public, so they are not public. There is a very special cell phone jammer, suitable for our applications in other fields.

How to choose the right mobile phone jammer?

Blocking the mobile cell phone jammer does not mean that the mobile phone does not use satellite communication signals at all. There may be special circumstances. With the revolutionary development of satellite launch technology and computer control technology in the 20th century, satellite communication has become an upstart among emergency communication vehicles.

Mobile phone jammer interrupts signal transmission

American Chinese Network reported that a recent American magazine "Popular Science" published an article saying that a total of 17 fake cell phone towers have been discovered in the United States in the past. They are not providing services but connecting to nearby phones, bypassing encryption devices, and monitoring calls Call, you can also read mobile phone text messages.

Mobile phone detector jammers affect signal transmission

The working principle of the mobile phone detector jammer used for the college entrance examination is to obliterate the useful electromagnetic wave signal in a large number of useless signals. Under normal circumstances, when we use a mobile phone, the mobile phone is first connected to the operator’s base station, and the radio wave signals sent by the two parties come and go.

Can mega cell phone jammers deal with complex environments?

Afraid of incomplete shielding? The signal environment is complicated, afraid of not having enough budget? Afraid of being destroyed, the machine life is short? Just want to shield one signal, afraid of affecting other frequency bands? Afraid of being discovered by others after installing a mobile mega cell phone jammer? Afraid that cell phone jammers are too ugly to affect the indoor environment?

What Are The Advantages Of Mobile Jammers

In the last few years, various types of cell phone jammer have emerged in endlessly, making us dizzy and dazzling, but in fact not all products are suitable for us to apply to us, some products are public, so It is not suitable for us to use in other fields. There is a very special cell phone jammer, which is also presented in front of us.

What Is The Effect Of Shielding 5G cell phone jammer?

5 years have passed since the 4G signal was launched in 2014. The times are advancing, communication technology is developing, and the commercialization of 5G is getting closer. Many people will also think about the effect of the cell phone jammer that can block 5G as the mobile phone signal is upgraded to 5G, because the transmission speed is faster.

Cell Phone Blocker Restrains Signal Amplifier

Poor cell phone signal may be installed with a cell phone jammer, the purpose is to let everyone install broadband, is this true? Many people are skeptical about this issue, and friends who live in villages in cities can observe more. I don’t know if you have noticed that there are often bad or no cell phone signals indoors where you live, but good outdoor cell phone signals.

There Are More cell phone jammer In The Examination Room

The most important place for cell phone jammer is the school examination room, especially the important examination occasions such as the high school entrance examination, college entrance examination, graduate entrance examination, and college English test band 4-6.

Disconnect The Mobile Phone And The Base Station Can Use The cell phone jammer

In order to obtain more knowledge beyond books and teachers, many parents will buy smart phones for their children to strengthen their children's learning. It is possible to use smart phones reasonably. Some parents worry that if their children are addicted to Internet games, it will be serious.

A simple and easy way to block cell phone signals recently

Just stick a metal patch on the "effective position" on the back of the phone, you can increase the wavelength of the signal received by the built-in antenna of the phone, and then change the signal from 1 grid to 3 grids, so that there is no delay in playing games and refreshing videos.

Mobile jammers can be used in the hands of law enforcement

In the daily handling of traffic violations, people with ulterior motives often use illegal means to obtain other people’s identity information or certificates, pretending to be the parties involved in dealing with traffic violations and making illegal profits.

Mobile jammers are strong firewalls

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the five modernizations, mobile communication signal jammers have been installed, and the installation of mobile phone signal jammers is safe for prisons.

Mobile jammers are the fairest equipment in the examination room

On November 22, 2014, 41 civil servants from the township and township agencies who were recruited from the excellent village cadre examinations were conducted in Lanzhou No. 3 Middle School, and the inspection leaders visited the test sites.

Mobile phone jammer controls the speed of alarm

On the morning of September 16, Xinxiang police and relevant departments organized a large-scale anti-terrorism exercise of Makino Guards in 2014. It aims to effectively test and improve the level of anti-terrorism prevention and emergency response work in Xinxiang City, and further enhance the awareness and ability of responding to sudden violent terrorist incidents

Shielded signal without dead angle-mobile phone jammer

In 2015, Yangzhou National Civil Service Examination, Yangzhou City fully opened a standardized examination room. 7772 candidates are distributed in 260 examination rooms, all of which are standardized examination rooms.

Cell phone jammers strengthen prison management

The difficulty of prison management has also been impacted by high-tech products. As for the prohibition of mobile phones, it is always checked, and it is always unclear...

Mobile jammers are fair to students

On November 30th, 10 test centers were set up in Jining for the National Civil Service Examination, namely, No. 1 Teaching Building of Jining Vocational and Technical College, No. 3 Teaching Building of Jining Vocational and Technical...

Cell phone jammers limit the amount of noise spread

Techniques for deliberately interfering with electromagnetic frequencies (also known as interference) have been implemented in various devices, which are gradually being made available to individuals and organizations.

Cell phone jammers prevent signal pollution

The younger generation has grown a lot of "signal pollution", and they are willing to welcome various interference technologies to help eliminate these interferences. At home, they are using cell phone jammer to better control their lives.

There are very few countries where mobile jammers are legally used

In the workplace, organizations are gradually learning that protecting sensitive proprietary and personal data may require them to use cell phone jammers in the office, thereby providing security by preventing data leakage or theft.

Smartphone jammers can block wireless communication

The analysis of the future of war by the World Economic Forum has sent a very clear message: war will become faster, more deadly, and therefore more humane and humane than ever before.

Mobile jammer tries to deceive the target system

Electronic warfare is a battle in any modern conflict battle. Weapons with advanced electronic sighting and guidance systems are launched under the authorization provided by electronic communications and after a decision-making process.

Mobile jammers are protected from cyber hackers

Mobile cell phone jammer come in various shapes, specifically designed to interfere with specific signals, and can be used in different situations.

Signal Jammer Information

Perfectjammer is the most professional jammer information website. We have collected information on signal shielding devices in different frequency bands, just to give users a more detailed and professional information platform.