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Mobile jammers can be used in the hands of law enforcement

Perfectjammer 2021/05/17

In the daily handling of traffic violations, people with ulterior motives often use illegal means to obtain other people’s identity information or certificates, pretending to be the parties involved in dealing with traffic violations and making illegal profits. This not only infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, and has a great negative impact on the traffic management of the public security, but also increases the burden and pressure of the staff of the traffic management department of the public security in the process of handling traffic violations. Then our law enforcement officers can Use a mobile cell phone jammer to shield the signal.

From November 1st, the traffic police detachment of the Guilin Public Security Bureau will use the second-generation ID card identification device at various traffic violation processing business windows. This means that people who deal with off-site traffic violations must carry ID cards, driving licenses, and driving permits. The business can only be processed after the identity information is read by the second-generation ID card recognition device.

The use of the second-generation ID card identification device to identify the legal identity information of the parties is another measure of the Guilin Traffic Police Detachment’s scientific and technological construction of police. It is a positive embodiment of the traffic management department of the public security organs to broaden their thinking and use their brains. It is also in the practice of the mass line to serve the people. Practical facts are practical actions for the people to solve difficult problems. In the future work, the Guilin City Traffic Police Detachment will continue to be grounded and practical, strive to standardize various law enforcement activities, and strive to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the people from infringement, while using mobile phones to interfere. The device purifies the sound in the room.