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The rapid development of UAV jammer countermeasures

Perfectjammer 2021/05/27

The U.S. joint forces have achieved perfect victory in military exercises. drone jammer have made great contributions to countermeasures. Nowadays, the power of UAVs requires more and more functions for UAV countermeasures. Many countries have It has begun to be used in various wars, and it has become a new black technology on the battlefield. In the military exercises of the US joint forces, it was because of the destruction of the opponent's space surveillance that they won the exercise.

With the rapid development of UAV jammer countermeasures, it has become a kind of non-traditional type that can be said to be a non-traditional type in the world. It can target threats from the air and can monitor the air situation, as well as The target unit's positioning actions can all have the effect of multiplying effectiveness.

It can be seen that the function of UAV jammer countermeasures is very powerful for warfare and civilian use. Therefore, while various countries are stepping up research, they have also made a lot of efforts to make it possible. There are no loopholes in use.