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Perfectjammer 2021/05/16

On November 22, 2014, 41 civil servants from the township and township agencies who were recruited from the excellent village cadre examinations were conducted in Lanzhou No. 3 Middle School, and the inspection leaders visited the test sites.

In order to organize the interview in a scientific, standardized and orderly manner, the Municipal Examination and Recruitment Office carefully planned and deployed rigorously, researched and formulated the "Lanzhou City's 2014 Interview Work Plan for Exams and Recruitment of Civil Servants of Township Governments from Outstanding Village Cadres", and held an examination. Work training meetings, detailed work procedures, clarified work responsibilities, and strict work discipline. In the selection of examiners, in accordance with the requirements of the provincial examination and admission office for examiners’ structure, interview examiners are selected from the Disciplinary Committee, the organization and personnel department, the comprehensive government departments and township leaders, and the interview examiners are specially trained before the examination to ensure the interview The scoring is accurate and fair; in the management of examination affairs, three isolations are implemented in the interview and examination area, the candidate waiting area and the rest area outside the examination room. A cordon is set up between the waiting area and the examination area, and between the examination area and the rest area, and designated by a special person. , To achieve mutual independence and non-interference; at the same time, a double lottery is implemented, that is, candidates draw lots to determine the interview sequence, and examiners draw lots to determine the examination room, to eliminate fraudulent behaviors of beating favors.

In terms of supervision and management, the mobile phones of all candidates, examiners, and staff are kept in a unified manner before the test. The test site is effectively strengthened to prevent high-tech cheating by turning on electronic mobile cell phone jammer, metal detectors, and video surveillance in the test room. Supervisors are selected to manage the whole process in key areas such as the test waiting area, test area, and rest area. At the same time, two representatives and one committee member, village cadres and villagers’ representatives are invited from counties and districts to observe on-site, and news media such as websites, newspapers and TV are invited to Reporters understand the situation on the spot and release news reports in a timely manner to effectively enhance the openness and transparency of the interview work.

After the interview, the Municipal Examination and Recruitment Office will sort the college student village officials from high to low scores according to the sum of the written test scores and the interview scores, and determine the inspection objects for the inspection according to the ratio of 1:2. After the inspection of the college student village officials, the village party organization secretary, the village committee director and the college student village officials will be comprehensively scored, and the candidates for the physical examination will be determined according to the ratio of 1:1 from high scores to low scores.