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Mobile phone jammer interrupts signal transmission

Perfectjammer 2021-02-13

American Chinese Network reported that a recent American magazine "Popular Science" published an article saying that a total of 17 fake cell phone towers have been discovered in the United States in the past. They are not providing services but connecting to nearby phones, bypassing encryption devices, and monitoring calls Call, you can also read mobile phone text messages.

According to the report, ESD US Chief Executive Officer Goldsmith said that ESD encryption technology has detected 17 fake cell phone towers. ESD, headquartered in Los Angeles, is the nation's leading company in defense and law enforcement technology.

The report pointed out that most phones cannot detect the presence of these fake phone towers. Goldsmith said that the interception frequency in the United States far exceeds expectations. He said that a customer once found 8 different cell phone jammer from Florida to North Carolina. ESD even found cell phone jammers at the South Point Casino in Las Vegas.

According to reports, these false signal towers were discovered in July, but reports suggest that there may be more false signal towers. Although it is not known who owns these signal towers, ESD found that these signal towers are all located near US military bases.

Goldsmith said that it is not known who the fake signal towers belong to or whether they belong to foreign governments. But they are almost certainly not part of the National Security Agency, because the National Security Agency can monitor any phone it wants to monitor, or go directly to the telephone company to monitor a certain line, without the need for fake signal towers.

It is reported that the fake signal tower can reduce people's 4G phone calls to 2G during the monitoring period. If you see that your phone's download signal is particularly slow, you may have taken a detour halfway. Coincidentally, in some cities in the United States, the police have built "Stingray" or "Hailstorm" signal towers to monitor mobile phone activities. When they monitor, they will interfere with the mobile phone signal, which can reduce the mobile phone from 4G to 3G or unsafe 2G.