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Deploy drone jammers near important VIP

Perfectjammer 2022/08/04

  Last Saturday (August 4th) was the first actual attempt by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to use a drone with explosives to assassinate a VIP (the picture below is President Maduro after the explosion) listen to the sky).

Deploy drone jammers near important VIP

  Specific information is still difficult, but one problem is obvious. As President Maduro spoke to a squad of hundreds in Caracas, an improvised explosive device-ready drone detonated nearby. Cell phone jammer gps can stumble upon and stop drones,

  It is understood that this is the first actual attempt to use a drone to assassinate a VIP. While such an attempt may be futile (since President Maduro survived), the destructive potential of bomb-carrying drones should make security forces wary of their VIP.