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Iran's advanced laser drone jammer

Perfectjammer 2019-07-15

The drone jammer, Siraf, was built by cadets at the Isfahan artillery academy. According to the instructions, the drone will have a working radius of 100 kilometers and will be equipped with instruments (including "laser" instruments) that will interfere with enemy uav observation systems.

Similar studies have been done in Israel. For example, "Mc-horizon" multi-layer system can be used for observation, identification, neutralization and interception of micro uavs. The system USES lasers developed by MCTECH RF.

Iran has been building up its air force, including its much-heralded drones. In many cases, however, these jaguars are bogus. But it is well known for the success of Iranian drones in Syria and several incursions into Israeli airspace.

The lifting of the defense industry sanctions gives Iran additional resources in the aerospace sector for the development of unmanned aerial vehicles. Today, Iran is far ahead of the Arab states in the Persian gulf, and even Russia. It is still hard to beat Israeli or American drone technology.