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Mobile Cell Phone Jammers Interrupts Drone Signal Transmission

Perfectjammer 2020-12-07

Now the community pays special attention to tracking issues. We have conducted some research and may tell you that Perfectjammer.com may have a solution. First of all, it is necessary to understand the working principle of these mobile cell phone jammer devices, in this case, learning how to avoid these devices will be much easier. First of all, you should know that those drones will be used to detect and track armed personnel. They will stand far away and control the drone to monitor your whereabouts. Then we can use the mobile phone jammer to cut off the mobile phone first. Signal, and then using a drone jammer to crash his drone.

In order to achieve high-precision tracking and monitoring, the drone will use cell tower triangulation tracking. It uses the signal of your own mobile device, whether it is the latest smartphone or a simple phone. Your phone maintains a stable connection with at least the three nearest cell phone towers, and if the signal power is known, you can calculate the distance between you and these base stations. Fortunately, it is possible to hide from the triangulation tracking of the cell phone tower and then track it in the best surveillance position.

If you can stop it, you will blind the drone. Just turn on the smartphone Cell Phone Jammers and use it for a period of time, its information will not be transmitted to the phone, UAV will definitely lose your footprint. But this is not very convenient. Sometimes you may need more powerful features. In this case, our military-grade mobile phone signal jammer will come in handy. If it is really close, it will block the phone and may even interfere with the communication of the drone.