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Mobile phone jammer controls the speed of alarm

Perfectjammer 2021/05/15

On the morning of September 16, Xinxiang police and relevant departments organized a large-scale anti-terrorism exercise of Makino Guards in 2014. It aims to effectively test and improve the level of anti-terrorism prevention and emergency response work in Xinxiang City, and further enhance the awareness and ability of responding to sudden violent terrorist incidents. The exercise was divided into three topics: jam setting and interception, clearing and investigation, and violent terrorism scene disposal. More than 600 police officers were used in the exercise. At 8:30 on September 16, the drill first entered the stage of blocking and clearing.

During the exercise, the command center of the Municipal Public Security Bureau first reported to the city through a group call on the radio that the four terrorist terrorists entered the urban area in two cars in the morning, and the other four terrorist terrorists also sneaked into the urban area. Prepare to hide in the urban area, and report the suspect’s vehicle and personnel information characteristics to the police on duty in time, and require the police on duty in the city to start arrests immediately.

After receiving the order, the Municipal Public Security Bureau immediately activated the first-level card points and temporary card points in the city, completing the blockade of the city. At the same time, police officers on duty in all police stations throughout the city immediately launched a carpet investigation of hotels and Internet cafes and other public entertainment venues within their jurisdiction, searching for suspects throughout the city.

Soon, the four suspects driving vehicles were captured and identified by the intelligent transportation system installed in the urban area. The command center notified the road police through the intercom system to intercept and capture the suspected vehicles and related rioters. At the same time, four other violent terrorists were also found and captured by the police on duty through the automatic alarm system after they checked into the hotel and Internet cafe.

Violent terrorists perpetrated violence across the city and coordinated the disposal of departments

At 11:15, the rehearsal entered the violent and terrorist scene handling link. This exercise assumes that 4 violent terrorists rushed to the South Square of the City Museum to hack and kill innocent people at the scene with machetes, sticks, and explosives in an attempt to create a bloody crime. At the same time, a large number of mobile cell phone jammer were used to shield the surrounding signals to prevent They called the police.

After receiving the police for a long time, the special police and armed police who were carrying out armed patrols on the nearby roads rushed to the scene, holding shields, batons, steel forks, and guns to fight the suspects to the death. At the disposal site, a violent terrorist rushed to the armed police soldier with a live ammunition holding a machete and was decisively shot dead on the spot; a violent terrorist tried to fight the armed police soldier, but was directly knocked to the ground by the armed police soldier with a healthy body shape and bare hands. Capture; the other two violent terrorists stubbornly resisted, rushing out of the encirclement and fleeing to the southwest. Soon, the special police and armed police commandos who came for reinforcements quickly arrived at the scene and, with the cooperation of wireless surveillance aircraft, found two escaped suspects in time, and shot one of them to death, wounded the other and captured them.

After receiving the police information, the Hongmen Police Station's anti-control vehicle also immediately increased police forces to implement traffic control around the square where the crime occurred. The fire department also immediately dispatched to extinguish the fire at the location where the explosion had just occurred. The EOD police also rushed to the scene with relevant equipment, and successfully disposed of the explosives at the scene using tools such as X-ray fluoroscopes and explosion-proof blankets. According to the situation at the scene, the disposal forces of the anti-terrorism member units of the city's health, environmental protection, and transportation also rushed to the scene for disposal, and the whole exercise was successfully concluded.