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Cell Phone Blocker Restrains Signal Amplifier

Perfectjammer 2021-01-19

Poor cell phone signal may be installed with a cell phone jammer, the purpose is to let everyone install broadband, is this true? Many people are skeptical about this issue, and friends who live in villages in cities can observe more. I don’t know if you have noticed that there are often bad or no cell phone signals indoors where you live, but good outdoor cell phone signals. Especially if the signal was very good in the past and it can be used normally, but the mobile phone signal is bad or no signal recently, then it is possible that a mobile phone signal jammer may be installed.

Why would anyone install a mobile phone signal jammer? In some urban villages, the broadband that can be installed is basically one or two, and other broadband cannot be accessed. For the benefit and performance, some crooked ideas may come up. Now 4G and 5G network speeds are very fast, mobile phone traffic alone can meet the needs of most people, no one wants to install broadband wifi, even some people have unlimited mobile phone traffic, and there is no need to install broadband Up. Of course, in addition to the signal jammer that may affect the signal of the mobile phone, it is also very likely that a signal amplifier is installed, causing signal confusion and poor mobile phone signal.

Villages in the city are densely housed and have insufficient signal coverage. Some buildings may have poor or no signal. In order to retain tenants, the landlord will install signal amplifiers. If there are too many cell phone jammer, the signal will be confused and the signal will be bad. Happening. As for those places where there is no signal amplifier, the signal is poor, and even the signal cannot be connected to the network, or the network is very stuck. In this case, the network is robbed.