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Countermeasures for consumer drones

At present, the vast majority of consumer drones will prefer GPS navigation for flight control, while civilian GPS signals are unencrypted, which leaves usable space.

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Myths About GPS Jammers

Most field service reps are aware of the regulations and penalties for using a GpS jamming device to manipulate their location or driving log.

Use GPS jamming Against Illegal Government Tracking

Let’s not kid ourselves. The Government tracks us constantly.

GPS jammers are transmitters

They come in many shapes and sizes, with varying capabilities. 

Why are you using GPS jammers

These days, having movements tracked — online and in the real world — is becoming more common.

Will GPS be interfered with by other devices?

Speaking of GPS, the first reaction is navigation. Many people think that GPS is a navigation function.

What should I pay attention to when using GPS jamming?

Many users find that the device is not broken after purchasing GPS jamming, but the use effect is not good.

How to judge the quality of gps signal jammer

Now some products are very similar in appearance, but different in quality.

Best choice for GPSjammer

If you found out that you had a tracking device near you, would you come up with an idea to protect yourself?

Is it safe to buy a GPS signal jammer online?

In today's intelligent society, having a lot of intelligent machines has provided us all with a lot of convenience, but at the same time, there are also some dangers.

You can use GPS signal jammer and still make calls for emergencies

Most of us use cell phones and take them with us everywhere we go. 

How Do Jammers Work on GPS Signals?

The main purpose of a cell phone jammer is to stop all cell phones in the location from being able to communicate with the cell phone tower.

GPS signals from jammers are potentially dangerous

Whatever the target of a GPS jammers, the devices do not discriminate, so there is usually additional collateral damage.

Testing GPS Jammers Can Have Destructive Effects

Since fully opening to civilian use in 2000, societies to confront the extreme vulnerability of GPS service to hostile parties using simple, inexpensive jamming attacks.

Cheap GPS jammers a major threat to drones

With rotors whirring and airframes hurling through the air, drones can be very dangerous when flights don't go as planned.

Invention of GPS Jammer Makes People Safer

With the development of science and technology, people have invented many new and useful devices, and these products are created according to people's needs.

How widespread is gps jammer use?

In late 2021, a study was conducted using a network of covert listening stations in areas in the UK that had been experiencing unexplained distortions in their GPS receiving equipment

Who uses gps jammer and why?

GPS jammers are being increasingly used by car thieves aiming to avoid detection after a theft, since high value cars are often fitted with GPS trackers for security. 

GPS spoofing and jamming,what's the main difference

While they may cause some similar fallout, spoofing and jamming are two very different processes.

In Ukraine War, Russia Relies On Consumer Grade GPS Units

One of Russia’s most significant failures, and potentially the most damaging to its campaign, has been its inability to achieve air superiority.

What does the public think of GPS jammer interference?

Several jamming devices/techniques are available on the Internet and will continue to proliferate as a single device may disrupt military and civilian operations worldwide will be attractive to malicious governments and groups.

Guidance for making inexpensive devices that can jam GPS signals

Information in an article appearing in the current issue of Phrack, an online hacker magazine, could put GPS devices at risk for commercial navigation and military operations.

Ideas for making an anti-jamming GPS tracker

Ideas for making an anti-jamming GPS tracker

How drivers can interfere with GPS jam?

GPS spoofing and GPS jamming devices have become inexpensive and easy to use. 

How to Combat Employees Who Use GPS Jammers?

If you go to the US government’s GPS website’s page on jamming, the first thing you will see is:

How secure are civilian GPS signals?

Whereas the U.S. military uses GPS signals that are encrypted and require authentication (which protects them more from GPS jamming and spoofing), civilian GPS receivers have no such capabilities.

Incredible disappearing cars on the map

What is a GPS jammer device? Learn how to detect and neutralize threats from GPS jammers.

How to DIY GPS jammers?

High-quality jammers equipment will serve the owner for a long time without any problems. 

Exclude vehicles suspected of using GPS jammers

If you suspect that a driver employee is using a jamming device, you will need to install the telematics controller outside the jammer's range, such as under the hood or in the rear of the vehicle.

Those Hidden GPS Trackers in Mortgage Cars

Now it is very common to take out a loan to buy a car.

When drones are misled by GPS jammers

The global positioning system (GPS) that keeps the drone in the air can be dangerous if it fails.

Pentagon raises concerns over homemade GPS jammers​​​​

Government officials and communications experts are evaluating the public safety and security implications of a newly released online article that provides guidance on building inexpensive devices that can interfere with global positioning system (GPS) signals.

Buy a mortgage car, preferably with a GPS jammer?

Especially those friends who pick up the car and buy a mortgage car from a used car seller, that is to say, once the car is received, you can turn on the GPS interceptor, put one in the car, or put one in the trunk!

What should I do if the GPS is blocked?

The signal of the locator blocked by the GPS blocker will be completely blocked, which will directly lead to the offline of the GPS locator, and any positioning and anti-theft functions are like a dummy. 

Why should GPS signal jammer be installed in the parking lot?

Since recent years, the 2G, 3G and 4G networks of communication companies in urban and rural areas have often encountered some external interference, mainly manifested in the phenomenon that large-scale users cannot use telecommunication services normally or disconnect from the network. 

Fear of being tracked leads citizens to consider buying GPS jammers

With the rapid proliferation of inexpensive, fast, accurate, and small, easy-to-use vehicle tracking systems, law enforcement agencies at all levels are using GPS-assisted devices to covertly monitor suspects.

GPS Jammers Affect Consumer GNSS Receivers

Popular media recently highlighted reports of car thieves using GPS jammers, solar flares emitting L-band radiation, and faulty TVs wreaking havoc on GPS receivers throughout the port.

Gps jammer interference road toll

GPS navigation and GPS jammers are locked together like a symbiotic relationship, and the number of devices using GPS technology on the road has increased, along with the number and variety of jamming devices trying to prevent their operation.

Work boat drifts due to GPS interference

From building offshore wind farms and dredging ports to marine surveys and laying underwater cables, GPS receivers have become a critical element in many offshore and nearshore applications. 

Users need to know about GPS jammers for better use

GPS jammers come in a variety of sizes and configurations, the design you're most likely to encounter includes an adapter that includes 1-3 antennas and plugs into a cigarette lighter.

Single ladies use Gps jammer to avoid being tracked by trackers

With the development of technology, people have many ways to spy on others. 

About electromagnetic waves emitted by shielding equipment such as gps jammer

Parents worry that electromagnetic radiation will harm children.

Some answers to GPS jammer questions in Perfectjammer

One of our most popular signal jammers, a small car GPS jammer that plugs into your car's cigarette lighter, is small and inexpensive.

Thousands use GPS jammers

It is not uncommon for GPS signals to be inaccurate or even interfered.

How did suspect on bail disappear using GPS jammer

There are many GPS tracking apps (current location tracking feature) on smartphones.

GPS Jammer Life Companion

If you have a car, you must buy a GPS jammers! Yes, that's right! Since more and more people are now driving to work, home for business, travel, etc.

GPS jammers that are in high demand at home

Although GPS jammers are not common in our lives, did you know that GPS jammers can be used at home?

Are GPS Jammers as Safe as Phones Used While Charging?

The mobile phone is safe to use and safe to use when charging.

Output power and shielding range of GPS jammers

Output power is a term you'll see next to almost any jammer, and it's worth it.

Why choose our GPS signal jammers?

A lot of people want to do what they need to do and not be watched.

Signal Jammer Information

Perfectjammer is the most professional jammer information website. We have collected information on signal shielding devices in different frequency bands, just to give users a more detailed and professional information platform.