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Perfectjammer 2021/05/14

In 2015, Yangzhou National Civil Service Examination, Yangzhou City fully opened a standardized examination room. 7772 candidates are distributed in 260 examination rooms, all of which are standardized examination rooms.

It is understood that the standardized examination room of the National Examination is not inferior to the college entrance examination. It has camera monitoring, audio and video real-time monitoring, in addition to air conditioning, mobile phone jammers, etc., to fully upgrade the examination room monitoring equipment. For this reason, 100 new mobile cell phone jammer were purchased this year to ensure that there are no dead ends and zero omissions in the safety precautions.

All test sites According to the relevant regulations of the national test, the administrative vocational ability test test does not paste or does not paste the bar code as required, etc., and it is treated as a zero point.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Examination Center, there is no score without a barcode. This year, many candidates are fresh graduates who are unfamiliar with the examination process, and barcode verification is another check. During the examination process, the invigilators will help the examinees to check during the inspection. At the later stage, they will help the students to check it again, which promotes the humanization of the examination service and ensures that there is no barcode pasting error or omission accident in the Yangzhou examination area.

The big change in the national civil service written examination in 2015 is that for the first time there will be two sets of test papers for the test questions, and the test questions will be assigned separately for the positions of the provincial level and above and the municipal and prefectural level. This change in the national examination may, to a certain extent, distinguish the difficulty between agencies above the provincial level and below the municipal prefecture level, and it is more targeted in terms of selecting talents.

Qian Fangqing, director of the Municipal Examination Center, revealed that in order to prevent the wrong test papers from being sent, they specially divided the provincial-level and sub-municipal-level offices into two test centers in the distribution of test rooms. The test center of Yangzhou Technician College is mainly for applying for the provincial level. Candidates for the above comprehensive management positions take the exam. The two test centers of higher vocational schools and vocational colleges are mainly for candidates applying for administrative law enforcement positions and candidates for comprehensive management positions below the prefecture and city level.