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2.4GHZ Informations List

Some models of phone blockers can block wireless cameras

Where can I buy a wireless jammer from? I hear this question a lot.Just buy a wifi jammer that will do what you want.A suppression device supporting the 2.4GHz frequency is required.


People may think that the signal warning is too exaggerated to be taken seriously

Examination room signal jammer gps are used in different occasions, and the shielding range will be different, which is not only related to the frequency band that can be shielded by the jammer itself, but also has a great relationship with the surrounding environment.


Simply using the "jammer blocking" method does not produce a fundamental effect

The antenna is completely invisible from the outside of, so that the antenna is not exposed, and the antenna is built-in, which is also a kind of protection for the antenna, which can avoid accidentally bumping the antenna during the transfer process, and it is easy to knock the antenna off.


The best solution to get rid of GPS tracking

Today, GPS tracking devices have helped people locate a lot. They play an important role in-car navigation. They also help people find their lost pets and cars.


How Do Jammers Work on Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi jammers can help employers or teachers stop the use of devices on the internet if it becomes distracting.


Experience Of Using Wifi Jammer Equipment

Inspired by the cell phone jammer guys thread.I bought the wifi jammer but created the wifi jammer from a 2.4ghz cordless phone.


Cell Phone Number Blocker For Android Reduces External Interference

The most unique function of the mobile phone signal shielding system can realize the adjustment of the transmission power of each frequency band module of each mobile phone signal shield.


Device To Block Cell Phone Reception Can Be Used As A Positioning Device

Before first application, be sure to securely attach the wireless antenna to the medium RF connector for 2.4GHz signals, then fully charge the battery for a few hours or connect to a power outlet.


Professional Cell Phone Jammer Protects Data Security

A device has disabled its wireless connection that cannot connect to the Internet. This Professional Cell Phone Jammer will automatically disconnect your Wi-Fi connection.


Malicious Data Consumption Will Be Interrupted By Portable Mobile Cell Phone Jammers

There are not many apps on the market now, and many apps will maliciously consume our traffic. We have checked the app at and may tell you that it will be able to hide your wireless traffic. But there are a few things to keep in mind. Basically, it hides all useful services in 2.4 GHz noise and hides it in the service area of ​​the signal.


The Home Wireless Network Can Use WiFi Jammer Protection

At the perfectjammer interference store, we should say a few words about how the WiSee project works. The main idea here is very simple and based on radio positioning.


Drone Monitoring Can Be Blocked Using GPS Jammers

Now drones are very cheap. Many people buy drones to see the scenery above. Those small drones can really be used as spies.


Is the weather forecast really related to the 5g mobile cell phone jammer?

Will 5G really affect the weather forecast? Miracle ANFR. An article in the well-known scientific magazine "Nature", widely reported in the international media, implies that it is.


Became The Focus Of American Research Military Cell Phone Jammers

For several years, the US military has been evaluating various anti-UAV measures, consisting mainly of jamming or blocking the signal, as well as radar detection and the conventional counterattack generally used against aircraft.


Target U.S. Fighter Jets Russian GPS Signal Jammers

Russia's advanced jamming and electronic warfare capabilities are well known.


The Latest Research Achievement-Gun Drone Signal Jammer

This drone jammer is a very portable drone jammer. It has the characteristics of light weight and detachable parts. The device can jamming drone signals at 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz.


Can Block 5.8G WiFi Cell Phone Jammer

First, we need to know what 5.8g WiFi is. 5G WIFI frequency the lower the frequency, the better through the wall; The higher the frequency, the faster the speed. 5.8g WiFi works at a high frequency of 5000MHZ, which supports fewer terminals. 2.4g WiFi works at 2400MHZ frequency, which is supported by earlier WiFi frequency terminals.


Evolution Of Communication Cheats And Signal Jammers

As we all know, with the progress of science and technology, high-tech cheating methods emerge in endlessly. However, with the attention of educational institutions,cell phone jammer are gradually introduced as countermeasures.


Signal Jammer Information

Perfectjammer is the most professional jammer information website. We have collected information on signal shielding devices in different frequency bands, just to give users a more detailed and professional information platform.