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Mobile jammer tries to deceive the target system

Perfectjammer 2021/05/06

Electronic warfare is a battle in any modern conflict battle. Weapons with advanced electronic sighting and guidance systems are launched under the authorization provided by electronic communications and after a decision-making process, which has, among other things, been learned through signal intelligence generated by other electronic systems. In turn, they will be interfered by signals from electronic mobile cell phone jammer that try to deceive target systems, interfere with guidance, disrupt communications and project electronic noise clouds to defeat any SIGINT measures. All of these are divided into three main sectors: 1) Electronic Attack (EA), those measures designed to actively interfere with the enemy’s capabilities and personnel; 2) Electronic Protection (EP), those measures designed to confuse EA measures; 3) Electronic Warfare Support (EWS) is a measure taken by tactical commanders to defeat electronic threats on the battlefield.

There are many ways to use a mobile phone jammer, but it is recommended to use Bluetooth jammers with caution. Not everyone can use this technology because it affects people nearby. These devices are regulated and should only be used with complete information about the legal meaning. The challenge is that any device with a Bluetooth connection can be used as a Bluetooth blocker. This can be done by ensuring that the signal from that device is the same as the signal from another nearby device. There are also specific devices sold as mobile phone jammers that perform this function perfectly.

There are many Bluetooth jamming innovations, especially in the military field, where high-level security and intelligence are critical to the success of any operation. Cell phone jammers can be used to prevent the interception of critical phone conversations and prevent radio bombs from exploding. The technology can also be used to prevent unauthorized drone surveillance and protect intelligence and communications in confidential locations.