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Perfectjammer 2021/05/16

◆Invite specially invited supervisors to inspect and guide

Recently, specially invited supervisors from Jingxian Detention Center were invited to inspect the detention center. The inspection team went deep into the prison area, inspected the psychological consultation room, duty room, medical office, detainee prison and other places on the spot, and learned in detail about the detainee's study, life, and medical conditions. Subsequently, a feedback meeting was held. Director Xu Jianyong conducted work on the team building and basic situation of the detention center, the daily management and education of the supervised personnel, the construction of the five aspects of the detention center, the improvement of the medical and health system in the detention center, and the safety and prevention of the prison It focused on reporting, and urged the specially invited supervisors to provide more valuable comments and suggestions.

◆Consolation to the officers and soldiers of the armed police stationed there

   On the occasion of the founding of the army this year, the leading group of the Jingxian Detention Center visited the officers and soldiers of the armed police squadron stationed there, and sent them condolences and congratulations on the holiday. On behalf of all officers and soldiers, the squadron leader of the armed police squadron expressed heartfelt gratitude to the leaders of the detention center for their concern and condolences, and expressed that they would further work with the police in the detention center to work closely together and fulfill their mission to ensure the safety of the detention center.

◆The Director of Public Security went deep into the detention center to inspect special operations

  Recently, Zhang Rongjing, director of the Jingxian Public Security Bureau, went to the county detention center to conduct inspections on hidden dangers, plug loopholes, ensure safety, and promote standardization of public security supervision places in the city. Director Zhang inspected the duty room, psychological consultation room, medical office, solitary confinement cell, reception hall and other places, as well as the police's on-the-job law enforcement and duty status, and requested that the detention center must strictly follow the requirements of special operations and do a good job in prison safety self-examination and self-correction. Strengthen the safety management of the prison and make every effort to prevent accidents.

◆ Take multiple measures to do a good job of committing criminals

In order to ensure the absolute safety of the delivery process and ensure that the escort task is foolproof, the leaders of the Jingxian Detention Center actively planned, carefully arranged, and worked hard to make various preparations before the investment: one is to formulate a thorough escort plan and escort route; the other is to ensure sufficient The escort force of the United States is to select energetic and experienced police and armed police to escort the criminals; the third is to carefully check and improve the criminal labor information, to ensure that the legal documents are complete and complete, and the criminals are counted in detail; the fourth is to send the former police to the criminals. The identity was checked and safety inspections and warning education were conducted. On the morning of November 12, with the cooperation of the armed police squadron of the Jingxian Detention Center, the 7 criminals were safely sent to 90% of the prison sentences.

◆Install and enable mobile cell phone jammer

   In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the five modernizations, improve the technical defense capabilities of the prison, and plug the security loopholes, the Jingxian Detention Center actively raised funds and installed a mobile communication signal jammer, and the installation of the mobile phone signal jammer was used for the safety of the prison.

Build a solid firewall with stability.

◆Apply for legal aid for a detainee

  Jing County Detention Center attaches great importance to the protection of the legal rights and interests of detainees, and actively applies for legal aid for detainees in financial difficulties through communication and coordination with the county legal aid center. Since the beginning of this year, the institute has applied for legal aid for ten detainees in financial difficulties, which highly demonstrates the management philosophy of the detainee’s people-oriented and fully safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of detainees.

◆Actively coordinate changes to compulsory measures for sick detainees
Recently, the Jingxian Detention Center actively coordinated the case-handling units and promptly suggested changes to mandatory measures for a detainee suffering from double pulmonary tuberculosis, which eliminated potential safety hazards and ensured the stability of the prison.

◆Convene a joint safety management meeting

In order to strengthen safety management, the Jingxian Detention Center regularly convenes joint meetings of the three units of the detention center, the armed police squadron, and the on-site supervision office. Through the meetings, everyone can communicate with each other, enhance mutual understanding and trust, strengthen the implementation of the prison’s security measures, and promote the detention center’s standards. Law enforcement, civilized law enforcement.

◆Convening a dynamic analysis meeting for detainees

In order to comprehensively and accurately grasp the ideological trends of detainees, maintain the normal management order of the prison, and ensure the safety and stability of the prison, the Jingxian Detention Center regularly convenes a dynamic analysis meeting for the detainees attended by all the police, and examines the recent thoughts, emotional changes, and physical status of the detainees. Carry out detailed analysis on the situation, control measures, etc., sort out the problems and solve them.

◆Organize the police to learn about the report on escape accidents of detainees

  Jing County Detention Center organized all the police to study the "Notice on the Major Vicious Accidents of Three Detainees Killed and Escaped Police in Yanshou County Detention Center of Heilongjiang Province" issued by the Supervision Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security.

   At the meeting, Director Xu Jianyong notified the basic situation of this serious and vicious accident, analyzed the occurrence of the accident, and sorted out the existing problems in combination with the situation in the Jingxian Detention Center. At the same time, specific requirements were put forward for the safety management of the current prison. (Bao Shimei)

◆Organize physical examinations for detainees

  In order to effectively protect the legal rights and interests of detainees, fully grasp the health conditions of detainees, and do a good job in the prevention of various diseases, the Jingxian Detention Center recently took detainees who have been detained for more than 6 months to the hospital that cooperated with the detention center for health check. Through physical examination, further improve the health files of key personnel, and prevent the occurrence of abnormal deaths due to illnesses of supervised personnel.

◆Fire officers and soldiers went to the detention center to carry out warning education

   A few days ago, the Jingxian Fire Brigade organized officers and soldiers to the Jingxian Detention Center to carry out warning education activities. Director Xu Jianyong of the detention center first introduced the detainees’ management and education, daily living arrangements, humanized law enforcement, and information construction to the fire officers and soldiers; then Director Xu led the officers and soldiers to visit the interrogation room of the detention center. , Medical rooms, management classrooms, monitoring rooms, psychological consultation rooms and other infrastructure, and through the observation window on the second floor of the prison area, intuitively understand the life, labor and reform of the detainees. After the warning education was over, the fire officers and soldiers expressed their gratitude to the detention center for their strong support for this activity. Every officer and soldier received a profound education.