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A simple and easy way to block cell phone signals recently

Perfectjammer 2021-01-04

Just stick a metal patch on the "effective position" on the back of the phone, you can increase the wavelength of the signal received by the built-in antenna of the phone, and then change the signal from 1 grid to 3 grids, so that there is no delay in playing games and refreshing videos... this year Since then, “enhancement stickers” which are known as “enhancement stickers” that can “enhance cell phone signals in all scenarios” are a popular network. Some merchants also said that the mobile phone signal enhancement sticker has functions such as improving the performance of the phone, reducing the radiation level, and prolonging the battery life. At the same time, the signal enhancement sticker is countered on the Internet, and the signal and use have not changed much before. You can try to use the mobile phone signal interference The device can easily shield cell phone signals.

Shen Weichao, an expert from Shanghai Radio Association, also believes that mobile terminal manufacturers have adjusted the antenna performance to the optimal state, and the physical form of the antenna (including length) must match the network frequency used by the mobile terminal. It is not necessary to change the antenna length and layout at will. Scientific, so this principle is not valid in practical applications.

   In addition, mobile phone signal enhancement stickers cannot reduce radiation levels. Relevant experts said that you can simply buy a mobile cell phone jammer for shielding. Another way to really shield radiation is to wrap the mobile phone tightly with tin foil. The consequence of this is that the mobile phone signal is also blocked.

"Coatings that can really absorb radiation are often used on reconnaissance aircraft. The cost of such coatings is absolutely impossible to be a few yuan or tens of yuan." Cao Hongyi explained, "The sunshine in nature and every corner of life have it. As long as the radiation value is within the national safety standards, consumers do not need to worry too much, and if you really want to shield the mobile phone signal, you can use a mobile cell phone jammer. Its radiation does not cause much harm to the human body."