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GSM/CDMA Signal Jammer

GSM was the dominant 2G digital mobile phone standard for most of the world. It determines the way in which mobile phones communicate with the land-based network of towers. The mobile phone standard is implemented world-wide. There are a total of 14 GSM jammer fequency bands that contain both pre-set and dynamic channel allocations. The frequency ranges for each this frequency band are different, with frequencies ranging from 380.2 to 1990 Mhz. 921 Mhz to 1710.1 Mhz fequencies are not assigned to GSM bands and are assigned to other tasks by the FCC. Each this frequency band also makes use of a separate uplink and downlink frequency range within each pre-designated band. The uplink and downlink ranges are distinguished from each other in order to help minimize potential interference.

CDMA — or Code Division Multiple Access — is often found in the U.S and Russia, though GSM is also present in those countries. Unlike GSM, CDMA jammers grants users full access to the entire spectrum of bands, thus allowing more users to connect at any given time. It also encodes each user’s individual conversation via a pseudo-randomized digital sequence, meaning the voice data remains protected and filtered so that only those participating in the phone call receive the data.

3G, stands for third generation, is the third generation of wireless mobile telecommunications technology. 3G finds application in wireless voice telephony, mobile Internet access, fixed wireless Internet access, video calls and mobile TV.

Although CDMA/GSM and 3G bring us a lot of convenience, but there are many bad aspects. For example, telephone tapping and get your personal privacy through the web. Many people may not know, our phone calls may be eavesdropped by government agencies or others. So how to protect their personal privacy and security? The solution is of course present. You can choose to use 3G jammer, blocker 2G/3G signal for cellphone. Can effectively prevent your mobile phone being tapped, ensure that your information will not be disclosed.

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Why need 4G/5G Jammers?

The term 4G has been kicking around for a few years now so chances are you've probably heard it mentioned at some point or another. The USA has adopted new rules to enable rapid development and deployment of next generation 5G technologies and services in licensed spectrum in the band 28 GHz, but also in the range of 38 GHz.

In schools. For teachers, 4G networks and smartphones are just tools to distract students' attention. Now, a student can do all that and a 1,000 other things on one screen. How does a teacher of any quality compete with YouTube, Snapchat, Trivia Crack, or even PornHub? So, sometimes schools have to resort to semi-compulsory means of using 4G Blocker.

In theater. When fellow moviegoers use their smartphones throughout the entire showing. Even the dimmest of screens can light up an entire aisle and distract the viewing experience for many. Their small screen continually illuminates every 30 seconds indicates a back and forth texting session involving an individual that does not care much about the movie. This is a torture for other audiences. So, theater administrators may need a 5G jammers to stop some of the audience's rude behavior.

In the modern era any person of the world needs to protect the private information, because the leakage of serious negotiations, for example, can lead to large material losses and other problems with not good consequences. Intellectual property is very expensive today and this is one of the main reasons why it should be protected. To steal important data, scammers and employees of competing enterprises use eavesdropping devices. GSM frequency disruptor should be used to neutralize them.

3G/CDMA/GSM jaming device are cell phone jammers which can block all mobile phones and similar devices in a specified radius. GPS block device are designed to break you free from GPS tracking and tracing devices of all kinds. GSM/GPS blocking device are the perfect combination of the two previous jamming devices, especially for you to have both of them in one piece. UHF/VHF/LoJack jammer are blockers which can grant you with additional protection from rarely (but still) used surveillance and tracking devices. And Wi-Fi/Bluetooth blockers are your best friend to deal with wireless video- and audio recording devices of the appropriate frequencies.

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Where to use GSM/3G jammers

CDMA/ GSM jammers have a very wide range of applications, many places need to use. But the most need to use the place should be educational institutions.

Lots of students make calls, play games or send messages during lecture. This troubles the pattern of the teaching process. Still, most educators are unable to help in front of the rude and offensive use of mobiles in class. Luckily, the 3G jammer is supporting teachers in promoting class management. The mobile phone jamming device is gaining lot of popularity.