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Cell phone jammers prevent signal pollution

Perfectjammer 2021/05/09

The younger generation has grown a lot of "signal pollution", and they are willing to welcome various interference technologies to help eliminate these interferences. At home, they are using cell phone jammer to better control their lives. These devices can define quiet "no phone zones" to improve the quality of life. In many households, each person has 1.5 devices, so it is difficult to have meaningful conversations with all these screens. Young parents have realized that the intimate relationship of family dinners is in danger of extinction. To avoid conflict, they turned to cell phone jammers to enforce "dinner time" and help rediscover "phone discipline."

In most countries/regions, one of the key reasons the authorities disapprove of the use of these devices is that they tend to have a greater impact than expected. Even deliberate use, such as preventing the use of mobile phones in schools, theaters, and hospitals, or preventing drones from flying over private property, may cause interference beyond expectations. 911 calls were interrupted, drones fell from the air, and air traffic control was disrupted. These are some unexpected consequences of human interference. These consequences have led countries such as South Africa and Israel to regard these man-made mobile phone jammers as completely illegal.

Another reason is that the authorities want to retain exclusive control over the use of these measures for law enforcement, security and military purposes. The United States, Canada, and India are some examples of countries that prohibit certain people (except certain law enforcement agencies) from using man-made cell phone jammers. Italy has taken a step forward, even these agencies can only operate cell phone jammers with specific authorizations. In Pakistan, Singapore, and Iran, the disruptors are only legal to the holders of licenses, and it can be assumed that non-government entities will not easily obtain these licenses. This is not to say that rules always make sense. In the UK, it is legal to own but not use cell phone jammers.