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Drone killers signal jammer

Perfectjammer 2019-07-15

Two pieces of anti-drone news have been circulating on the Internet recently. One is that the UK has developed an anti-drone System called AUDS(anti-uav Defence System), and the other is that researchers at the Korea institute for advanced research in science and technology (KAIST) have used sound waves to jam the drone's airborne gyroscope. As a matter of fact, with the popularity of micro and small drones, how to regulate them has become a headache for government agencies around the world. Drones have caused numerous troubles around the world. The White House, the Japanese imperial palace and the 101 building have become targets of drone intrusion.

Just last week, 20 minutes of rescue time was wasted at a fire site in the United States when several drones interfered heavily with fire department helicopters. Later, the fire department said the drones even tried to chase down helicopters that had come to the rescue, posing a threat to the safety of the pilots. It follows the controversial decision by an 18-year-old to build a flying attack device from a DIY handgun into a drone. Two days ago in Poland, another drone appeared at the airport, and 20 passenger planes were diverted due to safety concerns.

A number of defense companies and research institutions are targeting this market, and a variety of equipment designed to combat small and micro drones is emerging. Take a look today to see what these killers can do.

With laser that hard to kill your way to deal with small uavs in cities are not safe, the plane don't know where to fall after burning, burning fuselage and battery is likely to cause the fire, so many soft killing way arises at the historic moment, and in one of the most mature is using drone jammer, let uav loses contact with flying hands, was forced to land or sea.

Brett monitoring system of Britain (Blighter Surveillance Systems), chase Dynamics (Chess Dynamics) and ents price Control system company (Enterprise Control Systems), took this way: first use of radar and optical instruments locking drones, and then launch the directionalradio frequency interference, to cut off the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) and the communication between the remote Control, forcing unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) landing or return on its own.

Meanwhile, researchers at the Korea institute for advanced research in science and technology (KAIST) have found that using sound waves to jam the relatively fragile airborne gyroscopes of civilian drones may be more effective than physical attacks that could cause additional damage and electromagnetic interference that could disrupt normal communications, Gizmodo reported.

Gyroscope is the core component of uav, which can constantly detect and record the direction, inclination and movement direction of the aircraft, and then give instructions to make the aircraft adjust itself in the air to maintain stability. If the gyroscope doesn't work properly, even the most skilled drone pilots won't be able to control it. So gyroscopes are the focus of this anti-drone research.