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The most effective way to deal with drones right now

Perfectjammer 2019-04-06

With the abuse of drones, more and more people begin to study ways to fight them.There are, of course, countless ways to do this, but one of the most effective has only recently been developed. Many of you have probably heard of drone jammers

While UAV detection radars, drone spectrum analyzers and UAV detection sensors are designed to provide timely notices about approaching UAVs, the complete Anti-Drone system requires the usage of additional devices in order to eliminate threats, caused by drones penetrating protected perimeters.The drone jammer are used to jam drone signals and force it to land, cancel the transfer of photo or video materials from the drone to the operator and make the operator lose control over the drone in case it carries hazardous substances. In other words, the jamming systems provide the intentional emission of radio frequency signals to block UAVs in a particular sector.