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Damage caused by GPS jammer drones

Perfectjammer 2020-09-24

If the drone fails, the global positioning system (GPS) that keeps the drone in the air can be dangerous. The "Forbes" website reported on a recent drone crash that crashed into a house in England. GPS interference is believed to be the possible cause, although the source of the interference is unclear. It could be a "personal privacy device" or a GPS jammer. The jammer is available online for less than $30.

In this case, no one was injured and the house loss was small, but this highlights the need for alternative drone operating mechanisms. "We need to start thinking about the overall architecture. What we need is a multi-layer architecture that includes GPS and other satellites, such as eLoran, which can achieve strong area coverage, ground and hard to destroy, as well as WiFi, cell phone towers, inertial systems and others Method. For the local layer". Said Dana Goward, chairman and director of the Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation.

damage caused jammer drones

Military-grade GPS jammers and stomps may broadcast fake locations and shoot down drones. Godward said that the U.S. Air Force used a $5 million gps jammer III program, but it was actually not suitable for civilian use. Goward said: "GPS III uses special equipment to provide military users with improved anti-jamming capabilities, but 99% of civilian users will not get any other benefits at all." "Low power means (civilian) GPS is really, very, very easy. Blocked."

As more drones fly into the air, identifying GPS hazards will help prevent drones from suddenly losing navigation and falling on people below. If a closer signal interrupts the satellite’s line of sight, the satellite-guided GPS may be overwhelmed. When the drone loses contact with the GPS compass, the drone will enter manual flight mode and hover. Forbes pointed out that if there is no GPS guidance, the downed drone will not function properly, which undermines its interpretation of the terrain and eventually crashes.