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GPS Jammers Can Have A Certain Impact On Drones

Perfectjammer 2020-11-09

According to Asian media reports, the drone was part of a 100 drone program that was cancelled after a third party intervened. The show is held together with the annual Hong Kong Food and Wine Festival. The planned seven-minute program includes 100 gyroplanes with LED lights to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the festival by forming the outline of a birthday cake and the number 10. The drone jammed disappeared during the exhibition on Saturday, October 27th. The show ends on Thursday and Friday. The organization said in a press release: "After preliminary inspections, the drone's GPS signal was disturbed by a third-party gps jammer, and the committee immediately reported the problem to the police.

The C4ISRNET conference announced on June 6 that Colonel Nicholas Kiotas, the project leader in charge of positioning, navigation and synchronization services in the region, announced Russia’s electronic warfare potential in the Second Cavalry Regiment. Arlington, Virginia. "Now we can learn how to fix the equipment, because unless we get stuck, we won't know what happened," Kioutas said during the next commissioning. "We have adopted these systems, stress-tested them, and then tried to upgrade them, so this is not a static system, we have done it." The Army uses flexible procurement tools to work with three other suppliers to develop Another transaction authorized to develop the second generation of MAPS. The planning office requires suppliers to provide their best technological development, which reflects the low standardization of service capability development and their views on the use of GPS jammers.