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Cell phone jammers strengthen prison management

Perfectjammer 2021/05/22

The difficulty of prison management has also been impacted by high-tech products. As for the prohibition of mobile phones, it is always checked, and it is always unclear. The current smart phones have indeed caused problems for prison management. However, this time a prison in Guangdong Province was equipped with an illegal cell phone jammer system, which made the problem easier.

The location of the illegal mobile phone jammer detection system is very accurate, and the accurate check of the mobile phone signal can play a very good role in the investigation and punishment of illegal mobile phone use. After the introduction of the equipment this time, a comprehensive census came, and more than 30 mobile phones were detected at once, which really surprised the managers.

The large number of mobile phones seized this time is beyond everyone’s expectation, because the illegal mobile jammer detection system works very well. The manager decided this time to establish an irregular inspection system in the future, which is to inquire about illegal use of mobile phones in a timely manner. The situation also lies in the need to strengthen the norms and compulsory management of prisons.