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How drone jamming equipment will be used on the battlefield

Perfectjammer 2022/08/04

  It is reported that the UAV countermeasure system software can selectively suppress the interference of UAV GPS, remote control, and image transmission data signals according to different situations on the site and according to the interference signal transmitter. The manipulator conducts an intense PK match.

How drone jamming equipment will be used on the battlefield

  And then seize the active decision-making power, so that the situation of black flying is reduced, and it is widely used in airports, individuals, enterprises, detention centers and other fields to improve the confidentiality and security of information.

  Global anti-drone technology is mainly divided into three categories.

  Immediate destruction, including the application of laser weapons, the use of drone jammer gps against drones, etc.

  Interference blocking type, the key is to maintain according to data signal interference, sound wave frequency interference and other technologies.

  Detect manipulation, the key is to keep following the hijacked wireless communication manipulation and other methods.

  The Interference blocking type technology is mainly used in the defense field. Of course, some UAVs with unique main purposes can use methods such as terrain matching, image recognition technology and high-precision inertial navigation to identify their own parts and achieve their goals independently, but they have not yet become popular in the civilian field.