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Portable Informations List

Some jammers allow you selectively suppress most information transmission channels

Do not intentionally or maliciously interfere with radio communications, as this may have undesirably harmful consequences.Various means can be used.popular with many young people.Easily block trackers that can follow you.


Prevent rude people from answering the phone in the library

Many people react differently to new technology.Therefore, there is no need to worry about this.Emergency calls actually use different signal frequencies.


Consumer use GPS jammers has begun and is the rise

With the development of advanced technology, a lot of privacy is being lost.Due to its small size, light weight, and easy portability, it can protect your location information at any time.


China sells jammers that emit stronger radio waves than base stations

When checking whether the mobile phone is shielded, please note that you cannot only check the number of mobile phone data signal bars.


The gps signal jammer is only temporarily turned on

The multi-functional shield sets the tone, making all forms of information indispensable, whether personal information or business information.


Russian Kremlin Can Obfuscate US GPS Directions

Drone jammers are "significantly affecting" U.S.drone operations, but it's unclear how serious Russia's interference is.


Government blocks GSM signals during State of the Union address

The South African government blocked mobile-phone signals during the 2015 State of the Nation address, stopping journalists from reporting on the proceedings and prompting an outcry that even had its own protest hashtag: #BringBackTheSignal.


Signal jammers are used to block the signal for which they are designed

In today's highly developed world, people are busy with work on weekdays and rarely have time to go out to enjoy leisure time, get close to nature, and enjoy the beautiful scenery outside.


Some people collect secret information through illegal GPS tracking

When choosing the right GPS jammer, you need to know exactly where you need to cut off the GPS signal and make sure you can select and pick the right one.


Most strong signal jammers are fixed or tabletop designs

Most of the strong signal jammers for jamming 2G 3G 4G cell phones, GPS, and WiFi are fixed or tabletop designs which are actually inconvenient, if we need to take it somewhere.


Why Focusing on Signal Jammers Will Lower Your Cost of Sales

Today, wireless technology is a very important part of our life. Mobile phone, radio, WiFi, browser, etc.For wireless technology.


The price of a frequency jammer is cheap

It's nice to see another national document, which includes GPS failure as a network problem.


Simple and cheap jammers threaten GPS

GPS jammers have several evil uses, and it is not illegal to own them.Criminals under house arrest can use them to confuse court-ordered ankle monitors.


Buying a cell phone jammer is very easy

I believe you have done a thorough study before buying digital products. The study will take a few days, but it's definitely worth it.


The country where the jammer is most frequently used

While convenience has improved due to the rapid spread of communication devices such as mobile phones and PHS, in spaces such as theaters and halls where a quiet atmosphere is required, noise from communication devices and calls has become a social problem.


Dangerous devices that track, eavesdrop and collect your specific data

A common complaint we hear every day is that privacy is destroyed and we have nothing to hide from other people and spy organizations.


About long-term use of GPS jammers

The development of the GPS satellite system brings great convenience to users, but at the same time, there are some inconveniences such as leakage of privacy.


GPS jammers can be airborne or portable

GPS tracking devices are useful tools for tracking your car or truck, but they are also used by stalkers and other criminals.


Buy GPS jammers that are easy to charge

If you're a fugitive or just want to be quiet in your car, GPS jammers are an effective way to keep trackers away from your pursuit.


Criminals can use GPS information to harm you

The devices that interfere with GPS signals vary from type to type. Handheld jammers are the most popular type of GPS interceptors.


GPS interceptors can be used at greater distances

Signals from jammers can interfere with your device's ability to receive satellite signals. GPS receivers use these signals to determine their position in space and time.


Military GPS jammers that interfere with navigation

When the Iraq War broke out in 2003, the Iraqi military caused a sensation when it used a Russian-made GPS signal jamming system to destroy the US-guided weapons system.


Navigation and guidance systems may be disrupted by GPS interference

GPS signal jammers can suppress relatively weak GPS signals.


GPS jammers that are in high demand at home

Although GPS jammers are not common in our lives, did you know that GPS jammers can be used at home?


GPS becomes a popular tool for tracking people

As GPS becomes an increasingly popular tool for tracking people, vehicles, and even packages or goods, it's no surprise that there is a growing demand for handheld GPS signal jamming devices.


A handheld GPS signal jammer is a multifunctional jamming device

GPS tracking devices are widely used in children's smartwatches, vehicles, and other fields.


Jammers Make Personal Privacy Safer

If you think that expensive GPS jammers can keep your car 100% safe from all kinds of thieves and hijackers, and also give you multiple options for controlling your vehicle, you're probably wrong.


Demand for jammers is growing in the US

Jammers disable many radio alarms and connected objects. The same jammers were used to steal cars.


Different jammers should be used in different occasions

Most civilian GPS jammers have a range sufficient to cover the largest vehicles and provide user privacy。


Military departments use jammers for blockade

Jammers are primarily used by investigative authorities and the military. They are sometimes used in detention centers to stop prisoners from illicit exchanges.


Effectively prevent you from being tracked by GPS satellite positioning

Car GPS jammers are very important to some customers. For example, a mortgage car company temporarily gained control of a car after transferring funds to the original owner.


GEODE project to develop Galileo military user equipment

GEODE ​​administered by the German, French, Italian, Belgian and Spanish ministries of defense and involving 30 companies from 14 EU member states, will establish a framework for the development of the Galileo public regulatory service user segment for defense applications.


Pentagon raises concerns over homemade GPS jammers

Government officials and communications experts are evaluating the public safety and security implications of a newly released online article that provides guidance on building inexpensive devices that can interfere with global positioning system (GPS) signals.


How to choose the antenna type for police signal jammer

But jamming remains strictly illegal for state and local agencies. Federal officials barely acknowledge that they use it inside the United States, and the few federal agencies that can jam signals usually must seek a legal waiver first.


Jammers have lawful consumer use

That GPS tracking devices have been jammed by criminals engaged in nefarious activity including cargo theft and illicit shipping of goods.


Ideas for making an anti-jamming GPS tracker

Clearly, the jammer is a thing to interfere with the function of GPS tracker and eventually terminate the GPS tracker.


Guidance for making inexpensive devices that can jam GPS signals

Information in an article appearing in the current issue of Phrack, an online hacker magazine, could put GPS devices at risk for commercial navigation and military operations.


Use GPS jamming Against Illegal Government Tracking

Let’s not kid ourselves. The Government tracks us constantly. Deep down, we are aware of that but there are no ways to prove it.


You Only Need To Block GPS Signal To Jam a Tracker

Tons of people firmly believe that gps trackers only make use of gps signals to allow tracking when, in reality, most NavSat systems and gps tracking devices also come equipped with Sim cards to allow cell phone triangulation or send back the gathered information to a monitoring station.


Acceptance Of Wifi Jammer Has Improved

wifi jammer is also particularly useful in such conditions when Some business people or the one who may be often disturbed by a messy affection from an annoying lover has the trouble of being recorded a video.


Raspberry Pi Cell Phone Blocker Block Do Not Track

The main purpose of a cell phone blocker is to block cell phone signals in a specific area. So when you're looking for Raspberry Pi Cell Phone Blocker you should think about what type of cell phone signal you want to block.


Block Text On Verizon Cell Phone Improves Students' Study Concentration

During the National Day, Block Text On Verizon Cell Phone were installed on the walls of the dormitory buildings of Doumen No. 1 Middle School.


Cell Phone Spam Block List Eliminates Security Hazards

Does mobile communication technology Cell Phone Spam Block List have application needs?


Company Block Voice Recorder On Cell Phone Guarantees Discipline

There are many key places to prohibit the use of mobile phones, such as trade secret enterprises, key conference halls, government departments, and key enterprises and other industries where key information must be strictly maintained.


Cell Phone Signal Blocker Classroom Is A Trusted Product

The price of the mobile phone blocker is judged according to the specific function.


What Is The Block Number For A Cell Phone Blocks Cell Phone Signal

In many occasions in life, such as exams, meetings, etc., it is very inappropriate to use mobile phones.


Aps That Block Unwanted Calls On Cell Phones Is Very Helpful To Clients

This mobile phone jammer and jammer have different shapes and specifications.


Unblocking A Blocked Cell Phone Number Maintain Company Equipment

Now Unblocking A Blocked Cell Phone Number has been widely used in industrial production, and the actual effect is also very good.


Can Sex Traffickers Block My Cell Phone Does Not Damage Other Electronics

Test room mobile phone signal jammers are generally used in various colleges, gas stations, cathedrals, test rooms, courts, public libraries, conference centers (rooms), cinemas, hospital clinics, public security organs, financial industries, government departments, prison cells , national defense warning signs and other venues that require information security protection.


Cell Phone Number To Block Solicitors Effectively Prevent Playing Mobile Phones

With the advent of the smart age, everyone has their own smart phones, and even many students in schools now have mobile phones.


Cell Phone Case That Doesn'T Block Sound Blocks Classroom Cell Phones

Colleges and universities adopt this strategy, the foothold is to improve the efficiency of students' lectures, and to be careful and meticulous about the school spirit.


Block Emf Signals Bag For Cell Phone Guaranteed Teaching Level

In the past, Block Emf Signals Bag For Cell Phone was used to avoid fraud during the test period.


Device To Block Cell Phone Reception Can Be Used As A Positioning Device

Before first application, be sure to securely attach the wireless antenna to the medium RF connector for 2.4GHz signals, then fully charge the battery for a few hours or connect to a power outlet.


Emf Blocking Cell Phone Case Defender Shield Meets Different Market Needs

Often in the past, many handheld Emf Blocking Cell Phone Case Defender Shield designs didn't have a cooling system inside。


Call Blocking For Att Cell Phones Makes The Phone Without Network

Cell phone jammers emit jamming signals just like the frequencies the cell phone takes over.


Cell Phone Jammer Detection App Can Block Multiple Signal Bands

The high-performance mobile phone signal jammer is designed to simultaneously intercept CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G signals.


Detecting Cell Phone Jammer Is Easy To Carry

Teaching 4G Signal Detecting Cell Phone Jammer In different usage scenarios, the effective shielding range will be different.


Cell Phone Jammer Directional Antenna Meets The Demand

The radiation of mobile jammers is very small. Its electromagnetic radiation measurement is far below international standards.


Circuit For Cell Phone Jammer Control Mobile Phone Usage

School equipment installationCircuit For Cell Phone Jammer Mainly due to the increase in the number of students using mobile phones


How To Check For Cell Phone Jammer Need To Choose A Good Dealer

In foreign countries, many people suffer from this interference.


Cell Phone Jammer Circuit Diagram Pdf Is On The Market

The 5g signal uses mobile phones. Mobile phones are important electronic devices that we carry with us.


Portable 4G Cell Phone Signal Jammer Can Give Full Play To The Performance Of The Device

As we all know, the working principle of Portable 4G Cell Phone Signal Jammer is very professional.


Professional Cell Phone Jammer Protects Data Security

A device has disabled its wireless connection that cannot connect to the Internet.


Most Powerful Cell Phone Jammer Prevents Transmission Of Related Signals

You may hear important confidential material, stolen, or used for the wrong purpose.


Where Can I Get Cell Phone Jammer Stay Healthy

Having a smart phone brings great convenience. Welcomed by many young people. It may not be good. Your vision may be impaired. To avoid this situation, please maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Portable Cell Phone And Wifi Jammer To Prevent Ringing

Did you know that meeting rooms, auditoriums, courts, libraries, examination rooms, schools, cinemas, theaters, hospitals and mobile phones are not allowed to be used?


Does A Cell Phone Jammer Block Walkie Talkies Are Not Easily Recognized By Others

Small jammers on the market can limit the mobile phone signal launched by the rocket to 500 m with a radius> 20 m.


Cell Phone Jammer Prank Prevent Students From Contacting

Many students using mobile phones in school (especially high school) has become a big problem.


China Is The Earliest Manufacturer Of Drone Jammers

China’s technology in the field of drones can be said to be among the best in the world.


Limit The Amount Of Noise Transmission Can Use Mobile Phone Jammers

Techniques for deliberately interfering with electromagnetic frequencies (also known as interference) have been implemented in various devices, which are gradually being made available to individuals and organizations.


Strict Regulations And Quality Control Can Pass Gps Jammers

Wars in the 21st century have become very dependent on real-time communications with troops of all sizes, so it is not surprising that every soldier has developed satellite jamming capabilities.


Monitor Various Active Cell Phone Jammer Models

Since almost all communications are conducted over the air, it is easy for us to understand those who believe in conspiracy theories, which track us and can monitor all calls.


Loud Music Can Be Interrupted Using Cell Phone Jammers

Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, smart phones are already familiar to us. Smart phones are one of the emerging high-tech electronic products.


Confidential Information Needs Cell Phone Jammer Protection

Mobile jammers are considered to be one of the most widely used jammers on the market.


Personal Life Can Be Protected By Cell Phone Jammers

In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, the development of smart phones, the emergence of mobile phone signal networks, and the development of high-tech products, this or that problem has always been brought about.


Non-Cellular Communications Can Be Shielded Using Cell Phone Jammers

Portable cell phone jammer, also known as signal scrambling blockers, provide the best solution in areas where cellular communications are generally unpopular.


Mobile Phones Cause Visual Fatigue We Can Use Mobile Phone Jammers

In real life, they don't care. They only care about their own moments and don't think about too many consequences.


Malicious Applications Can Use Cell Phone Jammers

3G is a symbol of 3G mobile communication technology, and 3G mobile communication technology is a cellular mobile communication technology that supports high-speed data transmission.


Portable Cell Phone Jammers Have Great Flexibility

Before 5g began to be used and popularized, 3g and 4g were still the mainstream of mobile phone signals in the market.


Encrypted Information Can Be Protected By Cell Phone Jammers

Mobile phones are used for communication, and you can enjoy convenience. However, using the smartphone incorrectly can cause serious problems.


Highly Integrated Mobile Phone Jammer Equipment

Using the recording pen in an appropriate way will help us in our study and work, and it can help us record important meeting content.


Foreign Mobile Phone Jammers Have Long Been Popular

Since the advent of cell phone jammer, laptops, examination rooms, schools, prisons and other departments have trusted it.


Mobile Phone Jammers Are Widely Used In Many Public Places

We must adopt reasonable and scientific methods to deal with the interference from mobile phone signals.


Unable To Make Calls May Be Blocked By Mobile Phone Jammers

Interference signal is a very magical thing, after use, strange changes will occur when installed indoors.


Satellite Communication Has Nothing To Do With Cell Phone Jammers

In the past few years, various types of mobile cell phone jammer have appeared one after another.


Advanced Cell Phone Jammers Are Used In Government Agencies

Is the smartphone free from interference from the mobile phone?


How To Choose A Suitable Mobile Phone Jammer In Different Fields?

Blocking the mobile cell phone jammer does not mean that the mobile phone does not use satellite communication signals at all.


The Radio Can Be Protected By Cell Phone Jammers

Using multi-band and multi-band mobile phones to test the protection effect of mobile phone jammers in the field is the most convenient, most convenient and most feasible test method.


Cell Phone Noise Can Be Blocked With A Cell Phone Jammer

Everyone knows that when taking the test, not only is it necessary to have quiet conditions without mobile phone noise, but also that people taking the test must not be allowed to use mobile phones and other communication tools.


Wi-Fi Jammers Can Be Used To Disrupt Communications

A wireless signal WiFi jammer is a device used to block the signal transmission of a device operating through signal reception.


To Get Rid Of The Noise, You Can Use A Mobile Phone Jammer

With the widespread popularity of mobile phones, mobile phone signal jammers have emerged, which can help people get rid of unexpected noise in mobile phones.


The Security Of The Network Needs The Protection Of Wifi Jammers

Wifi network is an important network signal in the Internet era. It is an important medium for mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers to access the Internet.


Mobile Phone Jammers In Public Can Prevent Uncivilized Behavior

In recent years, smart phones have developed rapidly and become popular all over the world, and have become important devices for people's lives and work.


Uncivilized Behavior Can Be Stopped With A Mobile Phone Jammer

With the further development of smart phones, mobile phone problems have become more and more serious. How to solve these problems has become a major problem for individuals and even society.


You Can Use Cell Phone Jammers To Resolve Phone Conflicts

The prerequisite for personal enjoyment should not be to interfere with others and not to destroy the harmony in the computer room.


Perfectjammer Provides Customers With The Best Quality GPS Jammers

GPS tracking is now widely used in schools, shopping malls, supermarkets, government departments and other public places.


Waterproof Mobile Phone Signal Jammer Effectively Prevents Bluetooth

Many friends have consulted the waterproof bumper. We have a powerful portable cell phone jammer that can meet your requirements, is easy to install, and has a waterproof function, you can install and use it anytime, anywhere.


Is A Powerful WiFi Jammer Useful For 4G Signals?

First of all, the use of mobile phones in gas stations is explosive and dangerous.


The Wireless Network Can Be Cut Off By A Wifi Jammer

I want a powerful wifi jammer that will not affect my use of 4G signals, did you know?


Children’s Health Can Be Protected By Wifi Jammers

wifi jammer is one of a variety of signal jammers, designed to help people solve the problems caused by mobile phones, radio signals and wireless connections.


The Number Of Antennas Is Related To The Strength Of The Mobile Phone Jammer

Based on your experience, I believe that many people have experienced this experience, and I have experienced it.


Mobile Signal Jammer Apk Stop Uncivilized Behavior

Watching movies in the cinema has become an important way of entertainment and entertainment, which ensures that a good viewing experience is a prerequisite for relaxation.


Location Is Very Important For Cell Phone Jammers

The mobile phone is our most important communication and entertainment tool today. There is no mobile phone signal and the mobile phone workload is not large, which is very annoying for us.


The Sensors Of The Alarm System Can Be Blocked With A Mobile Phone Jammer

There are jammers of various radio protocols, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM, UMTS, LTE and GPS.


Malicious Data Consumption Will Be Interrupted By Portable Mobile Cell Phone Jammers

There are not many apps on the market now, and many apps will maliciously consume our traffic.


Wireless CCTV Is Blocked By WIFI Jammer

Hello, Jeremy! You may have noticed that we at Perfectjammer have been working hard to help people who are visiting our Wiki service and want to protect their privacy.


The portable jammer sends the signal to the receiving area of ​​the phone

What do you know about spurious signals called "complaints", wireless alarm systems or GSM connections (necessary to send alarms to ancillary services)?


Cellular Phones Are The Same As Jammers That Prevent Radio Communications

Mobile phones use unique frequencies for calls and listening.


A Real Cell Phone Jammer Can Cut Off Any Signal Tracking

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of modern life. It is no longer a need, but a necessity.


Use Smartphone Jammers Everywhere

Unless you can physically locate the jammer itself (which usually looks like a walkie-talkie, cell phone, or wireless router) and then turn it off, blocking the signal jammer is not your best option. feasible.


The Perfect Mobile Jammer Can Be Purchased At The Perfectjammer Online Store

The Minister of National Education has just rejected an agent’s proposal, who advised him to install cell phone jammer in schools. why?


How To Maintain A Good Attitude In The Phone Life Mobile Phone Jammer Teaches You

When the phone rings untimely while watching a movie or listening to a concert, will it quickly make people remember it?


The Idea Of ​​Market Opportunity Or Challenge Is A Challenge To The Jammer

Global mobile phone signal jammer market research report on the latest development, market size, current situation, upcoming technologies, industry drivers, challenges, regulatory policies, overviews of major companies and strategies of participants.


In Order To Increase The Shielding Effect Of The Jammer, You Can Test It With A Laptop

His name is Jean-François, but he refused to give his last name. The sportsman in his fifties still wears a suit and tie and claims to be a former general intelligence.


Satellite Companies Are Studying The Interference Of GPS Jammers

A satellite company that provides ship monitoring and tracking services is studying whether it can use its new formation flying satellites to locate GPS jammers and potential interference.


Global Positioning System To Determine And Track Its Exact Location To Prevent GPS Jammers From Interrupting

Do you know how location tracking works? You may think you are being followed. There are many ways to track it.


Adjustable Cell Phone Jammers Will Block Signals In Designated Areas

As you know, this site has many jammers. Here, we will introduce highly rated products. I think this will be useful to our customers.


Smartphone Jammers Are An Indispensable Part Of Daily Life

In a high-speed society, we benefit from high-tech electronic products. Many people have trouble using smartphones and have other problems.


Radio Handset Jammers For Mobile Phones And PHS Have Many Advantages

I live in a modern society. It is very important to know the technology very well. Without the Internet, we cannot imagine a world without mobile phones.


The United States Is Already Relatively Active In The Jammer Market

This portable deactivation service device has been put on the market. This has been discussed extensively in the past few years.


Mobile Phone Shielding Device Shields Signals Where The Use Of Smart Phones Is Prohibited

As you know, this site has many jammers. Here, we will introduce highly rated products. I think this will be useful to our customers. You need to choose the deterrent device that suits you.


Buying Jammers Online Has Become A Trend

Mobile phone signal jammer is also called: jammer, mobile phone jammer, signal jammer, mobile phone signal jammer, mobile phone signal blocker, mobile phone isolator, mobile phone interceptor, mobile communication signal jammer, mobile phone signal jammer, mobile phone jammer Signal jammer, cell phone blocker, signal blocker, cell phone signal isolator, signal isolator, cell phone signal blocker, radio signal blocker.


Effective Jammer Blocks The Communication Between Various Walkie-Talkie Signals

It is understood that mobile phone signal jammers on the market can limit mobile phone signals that are 500M meters away from the transmitting station and have a radius of >20 meters.


Cheap Jammer Devices Are Inseparable From Electromagnetic Interference

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) includes conduction interference and radiation interference.


The Microwave Radiation Generated By The Multifunctional Mobile Phone Jammer Can Shield The Signal

The mobile phone signal jammers on the market are all full-band, which can interfere with all the 2G 3G 4G signals and 2.4G WIFI signals and Bluetooth signals of all the three operators of China Mobile, China Unicom and Telecom.


Schools Sometimes Use Jammers To Block Students’ Phones

Now that the technology is more and more developed, the penetration rate of smart phones is also getting higher and higher. You can see those who are using mobile phones and answering calls.


Interfering equipment should be judged according to the local environment and actual conditions

During the final exam, everyone might be wondering how to make some cheat sheets and how to get some answers so that they don't miss the exam.


Mobile Phones Transmit Signals Through Radio Signals

Every year during the high school and college entrance examination, there will be network problems around the school, such as dropped phone calls and slow Internet access.


Interfering Equipment Uses Baud Rate And Modulation To Complete Data And Sound Transmission

Mobile phone jammer is a kind of interference signal device, which can effectively interfere with CDMA (China Telecom), GSM (China Mobile, China Unicom), SCDMA (Netcom Da Lingtong), DCS (1800MHz), PCS (1900MHz), PHS (Telecom PHS) ), all communication signals such as 3G mobile phone signal, WIFi and 4G mobile phone signal.


We Can Use Signal Jammers In Many Places

Where can mobile phone signal jammers be used? In fact, in many occasions now, such as exams, meetings, etc., using mobile phones is very inappropriate.


The Application Range Of Mobile Phone Signal Jammer Is Very Wide

In many occasions in life, such as exams, meetings, etc., using mobile phones is very inappropriate. At this time, besides confiscating mobile phones in advance, you can use mobile phone signal jammers to remove mobile phone signals and Wi-Fi within specific occasions.


Disruptors Bring People Back To The Era Of Face-To-Face Communication

In the past two decades, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of users of mobile communication devices.


Portable Jammers Have Become A Means Of Maintaining Order

Many educators have trouble figuring out how to use electronic devices in the classroom.


The Jammer Signal Must Sometimes Be Stronger Than The Target Signal

We can say that although the communication link has only one dimension to be calculated (TX->RX), two dimensions (TX->RX and Jammer->RX) must be calculated for the event and then compared.


Multifunctional Jammer To Solve Some Social Problems

A man in Florida hopes to save lives by preventing people from using their mobile phones during their daily commute. Therefore, a jammer was installed behind his SUV passenger seat.


Now Many Children Are Addicted To The Electronic World

With the popularity of smart phones, more and more children are beginning to enjoy mobile messaging and various forms of social fun.


Adjustable cell phone signal jammer can reduce pollution

Keep our earth and us away from noise pollution. In addition to closing your ears, you must also close your phone.


The Jammer Always Surprises You Inadvertently

As we all know, signal jammers have powerful signal jamming functions, which can quickly and effectively turn off radio signals.


Large Jammers Can Destroy Many Kinds Of Signals

It is well known that global growth may be unexpected on the positive side, especially if certain countries will introduce fiscal stimulus measures, but it is clear that political uncertainty, trade protectionist pressure and the risk of financial market turmoil dominate downside risks.


A Powerful Jammer Can Block Signals In Multiple Frequency Bands

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines)-Prisoners of the National Criminal Law System can continue their illegal mobile phone transactions.


The jammer brings you comfort

There is no doubt that mobile phones are playing an increasingly important role in our lives and have changed our way of life to a great extent.


Impact of high-tech jammers on mobile phones

I am in favor of installing jammers in the prison. ”Like other attorney generals such as Christiane Taubira, the new seal hunter François Bayrou responded on Tuesday to the phenomenon of cell phones in BFMTV and RMC prisons.


Jammers become a magic weapon for schools to maintain order

In front of a middle school in central Paris, the students interviewed did not seem to be impressed by the measure.


Jammers have a serious impact on public safety facilities

This week, a jammer blocked the operator’s 3G service in Guyney (Sena Saint Denis).


The law of the location of the jammer is different

If you own a smartphone, you may not know that at some time and place you can interrupt phone service without your permission.


What problems can portable jammers help us solve?

If Android and iPhone smartphones have built-in compasses, we know that by applying our expertise in digital signal processing, we can develop innovative positioning solutions.


How Can We Stop All Kinds Of GPS Tracking By Signal Jammers

Hi guys! Recently the app called Skobbler GPS Navigation 2 was released. It works fine but I need to stop its work. How can I do that and what device I need to use in order to succeed?


How To Avoid Being Nonitored By Measuring Tools By Cell Phone Signal Blocker

Hello people! Recently I have read about new tracking system for indoor people finding called Navizon Indoor Triangulation System.


Are Not Harmful To Pregnant Women Cell Phone Jammers

Hi guys! I want to use signal jammer to deal with my problems but here is the thing: my wife is pregnant. Are there any possible dangers for her from jammer?


N8 2018 Most Popular 3G 4G Cell Phone Signal Jammers

Every year the trend is different, there is always a most popular style, signal jammer is no exception.


The World's First Military Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

With the signal jamming technology from military to civilian, more and more technical engineering began to develop such products, in recent years, there are many types of signal jamming equipment.


New Coming To Sale Military Cell Phone Signal Jammers

This is one of the best military mobile phone blocker in US. Lightweight, compact and easy to carry.At the same time, it has a very power , which can jamming a very large range.


The Latest Research Achievement-Gun Drone Signal Jammer

This drone jammer is a very portable drone jammer. It has the characteristics of light weight and detachable parts.


Make A Quiet Life Use Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Looking round you will find people bow their heads using their phones everywhere, even in subway, bus or the street, not to mention some important situation.


Eliminate Unwanted Effects By Using Cell Phone Signal Jammer

What makes mobile phone calling life difficult is that the process of facing and solving the mobile phone noises problems is a painful one.


Improve Concentration By Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Life is full of competitions. When we are at school, we always want to be the most excellent student and win teachers’ praise.


Signal Jammer Information

Perfectjammer is the most professional jammer information website. We have collected information on signal shielding devices in different frequency bands, just to give users a more detailed and professional information platform.