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What is a Camera Jammer

The Camera Jammers is a portable gadget that comes with a trigger mechanism, enabling the user to momentarily interfere with surveillance cameras. It relies on a capacitor that needs to recharge from its battery after a brief period.

How To Detect A Ccamera Blocker

  1. - Check for interference on your cameras - Visual distortion, loss of signal, or freezing frames can indicate a jammer is being used nearby.
  2. - Scan with a spectrum analyzer or RF scanner device - Sweeping the wireless spectrum around your cameras can reveal suspicious signals from a jammer.
  3. - Look for an unknown WiFi network - Jammers often spoof WiFi networks to mask the jamming signal. An unknown network near your cameras could be a sign.
  4. - Inspect camera wiring for tampering - Someone may have physically tapped into wired cameras to inject a jamming signal.
  5. - Note any suspicious persons loitering around - security camera jammer devices are handheld devices that need to be close to your cameras, so anyone lingering around may be using one.
  6. - Listen for static or white noise - The random RF noise from a jammer can sometimes be picked up by camera microphones.
  7. - Try turning cameras off and on - If the interference goes away when the camera

How To Stop A Infrared Camera Jammer

  • Use a radio frequency detector. These devices can detect the radio interference caused by laptop camera blocker. Walk around the area with the detector and try to locate the source of the jamming signal.
  • Switch to a different wireless channel or frequency. If your camera system allows, change the wireless channel or frequency that it operates on. This will allow you to bypass the jamming signal.
  • Use a signal booster. Installing a wireless signal booster near your cameras can help overpower the jamming signal. It amplifies your camera's wireless signal so it can cut through the interference.
  • Upgrade to a digital system. Analog wireless camera systems are more susceptible to jamming. Upgrading to a digital system with encryption will help secure the signal.
  • Shield the cameras. Place the cameras in a Faraday cage or another shielded enclosure to block the jamming signals.
  • Report the activity. If you can locate the camera signal jammer, report


If you want to know the frequencies of your country, we can offer you some help: