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Drone jammer used by police

Perfectjammer 2020-09-24

All parties, including media professionals, are reminded not to fly drones anywhere in the country until the Movement Control Order (MCO) takes effect. May 12.

The Royal Malaysian Police, Rasha Azaldin Shafii, head of the aerial operations drone department, said that flying drones violated the Malaysian Civil Aviation Regulations 2016 (MCAR 2016) without permission from the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM).

“Persons who operate drones without authorization will be fined a minimum of 50,000 ringgits or sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for individuals, while companies may face fines of up to 100,000 ringgits.

He told Benama: "Please note that all parties are not allowed to fly drones unless they have the permission of the American Automobile Manufacturers Association and the police."

He said that during the entire process of implementing the MCO, the police investigated four cases of illegal use of drones across the country.

drone jammer police

He said: "Further investigations into these cases are still ongoing, and the police are ready to use drone cell phone jammer to ensure that drones will not fly anywhere without approval."

Rasha Azaldin (Rasha Azaldin) said that drones are specifically used for aerial surveillance across the country, including CMO-enhanced areas.

He said: "The use of drone technology is definitely effective in terms of the entire MCO including COVID-19 announcements and recalls."

On April 7, CAAM authorized the PGU UAV Department to operate unmanned aircraft systems or UAVs during the MCO period for surveillance and execution.

CAAM also announced that the drone operation will be led by the police in cooperation with the Malaysian Armed Forces and three private drone companies.