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UAV jamming suppression technology mainly includes signal jamming and sound wave jamming

Faced with the blank of illegal drone supervision, only strong countermeasures can be taken to ensure the safety of the air.

Informations List

The use of drones raises concerns among citizens

Drones take up commercial airspace, yet are small enough to buzz past us while we are standing in our own backyards and driveways.

Deploy drone jammers near important VIP

Last Saturday (August 4th) was the first actual attempt by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to use a drone with explosives to assassinate a VIP (the picture below is President Maduro after the explosion) listen to the sky).

Cheap GPS jammers a major threat to drones

With rotors whirring and airframes hurling through the air, drones can be very dangerous when flights don't go as planned.

GPS spoofing and jamming,what's the main difference

While they may cause some similar fallout, spoofing and jamming are two very different processes.

In Ukraine War, Russia Relies On Consumer Grade GPS Units

One of Russia’s most significant failures, and potentially the most damaging to its campaign, has been its inability to achieve air superiority.

When drones are misled by GPS jammers

The global positioning system (GPS) that keeps the drone in the air can be dangerous if it fails. 

The effect of gps jammer on drone flight

The advent of affordable high-end drones in recent years, coupled with easy-to-use mission planning tools, has created the perfect environment for drones to thrive. 

Needs drone jammer protection from misses

As drones become more popular, concerns are starting to mount. Here important reasons to start using drone jamming technology.

Jammer Anti-UAV Solution

As a rogue drone activist, implementing a jammer or electronic interference to dampen the use of drones is easily implemented as well.

U.S. drone registrations top 2 million in 2022

Advances in technology have led to the development of drones.

Future use of Drone Jammer devices to keep us safe

In the future, the uav will be integrated into the overall combat system, and the uav will have man-machine coordination and even the formation of a team to play a greater role.

Two ways to shoot down a rogue drone

The issue everyone was talking about during and after the airport incident, which reportedly saw multiple flights canceled after drone sightings closed the runway for 36 hours during the busy Christmas period.

Jammer stops illegal drones from breaking into homes

We all know that drone thefts happen from time to time. Small enough to spy on, big enough to steal state and military secrets, and small enough to fall and injure people and shut down airports.

Suitable jamming distance for hand held anti drone jammer

The rapid development of drones has spawned the rise of counter-drone technology.

What does the anti drone jammer device rely on to detect drones?

Radar can accurately track the position of drones flying in the air.

US unveils new plan to crack down on criminals use of drones

The U.S. wants to crack down on the growing criminal use of drones with new rules that allow local law enforcement agencies and other groups to have anti-drone systems.

Physics confrontation drone measure and countermeasures

Technology today, while impressive, is developing tactics and techniques for future terrorist attacks.

What should I do if the jammer of the counter drone is abnormal?

To intercept drones, police and the military are experimenting with lasers. 

Will the poor temperature endanger the drone anti-jammer equipment?

Air temperature (wind, rain) will harm the performance of UAV jammer equipment, but the compressive strength of air temperature can obviously affect the performance and avoid most UAV aviation.

How drone jamming equipment will be used on the battlefield

It is reported that the UAV countermeasure system software can selectively suppress the interference of UAV GPS, remote control, and image transmission data signals according to different situations on the site and according to the interference signal transmitter.

Signal Jammer Information

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