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U.S. drone registrations top 2 million in 2022

Perfectjammer 2022/07/22

  Advances in technology have led to the development of drones. At the moment, drones are very popular, and depending on the model, drones have many functions.

  As the number of drones increases, more and more safety concerns begin to arise, including drones and manned aircraft too close to home, and the U.S. first introduced a drone registration system in December 2015. Registrants must pay a $5 fee and have their drone marked with an identification number.

  The U.S. currently bans drones from flying above pilots' radars and bans people from flying over public spaces, limiting drone deliveries by Amazon and Google, as well as the business practices of many companies.

  The administration launched the Trump Plan, under which the FAA would work with local governments and businesses to develop a set of rules that would expand commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) applications to be reasonably legal.

  With the increase in the use of drones (uav), it will inevitably bring some problems, people's behavior of using drones is likely to infringe on the privacy of others, to others, it will be unmanned aerial vehicles (uav) for ordinary people People pose big problems. Due to their small size, drones are not easily detected and can be used for some illegal activities, such as the recent hearing of drones transporting drugs to prisons.

  How should we protect our privacy and our own space security?

  The Drone jammers gps is a drone jamming device that intercepts, shoots down and protects your space.