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China is ahead of the US in drone jamming technology

Perfectjammer 2019-07-15

According to the PLA daily on October 29, a ministry of the xinjiang military region demonstrated a new type of anti-uav equipment -- electromagnetic interference ray gun during a practical exercise. On October 19, an unmanned reconnaissance drone flew into the air and circled at an altitude of about 300 meters, the report said. Real-time high-definition footage from the drone was shown on a large screen at the command post, with fist-sized rocks visible on the ground.

Then came the drone countermeasures gun (commonly known as the electromagnetic interference ray gun), which is shaped like a rifle, except that the barrel is shaped like a fishbone antenna. The soldier pointed his electromagnetic jamming gun at the drone and flipped the switch. In a moment, the original aerial reconnaissance mission of the uav electromagnetic interference, lost control and directly crashed.

This is the Chinese military and the U.S. military simultaneously equipped with drone jammer. Due to the large-scale application of uavs in the military field, the countermeasures technology of uavs is also highly valued by the armed forces of various countries. Since most uavs are slim and have very weak signals, the effectiveness of using anti-aircraft weapons such as anti-aircraft guns and missiles to attack uavs is not ideal. Thus came uavs electromagnetic ray jamming weapons.

In October, Battelle, a non-profit development company based in Ohio, unveiled what it claims is the world's first hand-held, precise and fast rifle weapon designed to deter suspected or hostile drones in flight and provide security for ground forces. The weapon, which looks like a rifle in shape, has a radio-frequency antenna in the front that USES radio waves to force a drone to get lost or crash, and can withstand incoming drone systems up to 400 metres away.

According to the people's liberation army newspaper news and American companies release time inference, the Chinese army should be ahead of the U.S. military unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) interfere with the gun, to become the world's first use of the equipment of the army, and that is reminiscent of Iran with Russia in 2011 "car" electronic countermeasures system captured an American RQ - 170 "the sentinel" stealth unmanned aerial vehicle (uav).