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Smartphone jammers can block wireless communication

Perfectjammer 2021/05/06

The analysis of the future of war by the World Economic Forum has sent a very clear message: war will become faster, more deadly, and therefore more humane and humane than ever before. Humans will have drones (drones) on the battlefield, agents in the headquarters (threat analysis and instant decision-making), and agents in the enemy's backyard (infrastructure cyber attacks). On the one hand, commanders and soldiers on foot will be able to see more battlefields, and highly sensitive electronic eyes and ears will enhance human perception. On the other hand, the pace of events will become so fast that their brains will Relying on artificial intelligence in a similar way, which can process a large number of inputs and make hundreds of instantaneous decisions at the same time. The weakness of artificial intelligence can be the use of mobile cell phone jammer to block it.

The latest development in smart jamming involves the incorporation of smart phone jammers into wireless communications. More specifically, smart jammers can be used to disrupt information exchange. This becomes especially important as we rely more and more on this type of network for communication. New developments regarding smart jammers involve adjusting the frequency bands on which smart phone jammers can operate. Interfering nodes become more sensitive, allowing them to respond faster to received information. In addition, interfering nodes have been improved to the extent that they can be hidden in the time-frequency plane. These are jammers commonly referred to as smart jammers. Now, the cost involved in manufacturing mobile phone jammers is less than ever. The materials are also cheaper. As a result, smart phone jammers can be used to directly target transmission packets. This makes them an exciting potential solution in many smart applications. Currently, the only way to prevent such interference is to use frequency hopping or game algorithms.