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Russia Informations List

Cell Phone Jammer Directional Antenna Meets The Demand

The radiation of mobile jammers is very small. Its electromagnetic radiation measurement is far below international standards.


Why Focusing on Signal Jammers Will Lower Your Cost of Sales

Today, wireless technology is a very important part of our life.


Israeli railways install GPS surveillance to protect GPS positioning systems

The Israeli government considers the repeater's resilient PNT capabilities to be a necessary enhancement to critical infrastructure.


Russia's use of jammers undermines confidence in US GPS

Over the past few months, Russia has aggressively used GPS jammers in Ukraine to disrupt GPS signals, undermining confidence in "America's gift to the world."


Pentagon raises concerns over homemade GPS jammers

Government officials and communications experts are evaluating the public safety and security implications of a newly released online article that provides guidance on building inexpensive devices that can interfere with global positioning system (GPS) signals.


Thousands use GPS jammers

It is not uncommon for GPS signals to be inaccurate or even interfered.


You Only Need To Block GPS Signal To Jam a Tracker

Tons of people firmly believe that gps trackers only make use of gps signals to allow tracking when, in reality, most NavSat systems and gps tracking devices also come equipped with Sim cards to allow cell phone triangulation or send back the gathered information to a monitoring station.


Radar Jamming and Electronic Warfare

It is well known that radar is widely used in modern warfare.


Manually adjust the working frequency range of the GPS jammer

The U.S. Department of Transportation hosts a workshop on GPS harassment and fraud in the marine environment.


Russian military buys jamming equipment and installs it on cell phone towers

The basic signal transmission of satellites is the basis of all satellite navigation systems, Russian military analyst Anton Lavrov told Izvestia.


The main reason for using a jammer is own safety

Gps jammers are high-tech devices that block GPS signals.


Russia installs GSM jammers to prevent cheating in exams

When a false signal is sent from the mobile network.


The country where the jammer is most frequently used

Communication function suppression device.


Geographic impact of GPS jammers on trade and use

GPS interference is no longer confined to conflict zones or adjacent areas, but can become a common problem in all locations.


Low-power GPS Jammers Can Effectively Eliminate Satellite Signals

GPS jammers are devices that can block GPS satellite signals.


Signal interference continues to increase in geopolitical areas

Users of satellite-based positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) systems have long been engaged in an arms race, with various threats preventing these systems from operating.


The rise of jammers in the first Gulf War

During the first Gulf War, many countries recognized the importance and versatility of GPS in modern warfare, and in the years that followed, the potential for GPS jammers grew. U.S. traditional adversaries openly sell high-power military jammers at various defense exhibitions.


WiFi Networks Can Be Destroyed Using GPS Jammers

In timing applications, Wi-Fi blocking programs can corrupt GPS signals, causing the underlying system to lose the ability to synchronize its internal clock, and thus lose the ability to synchronize with the rest of the network.


Application of GPS Jammer in Medium-sized City

A United States Department of Homeland Security Officer in Tenn.


GPS Jamming Threats from North Korea

Although North Korea is a relatively backward country.


The Idea Of ​​Market Opportunity Or Challenge Is A Challenge To The Jammer

Global mobile phone signal jammer market research report on the latest development, market size, current situation, upcoming technologies, industry drivers, challenges, regulatory policies, overviews of major companies and strategies of participants.


Possibility of GPS jamming cruise missiles

How to counter cruise missiles? This is not just a question that military experts around the world have been studying.


Drone Is Restricted By GPS Jammer

According to Asian media reports, the drone was part of a 100 drone program that was cancelled after a third party intervened.


Everyone Depends On Reliable And Accurate GPS Signal Jammers

I bought it from, and when the four-ounce casing arrived from New York, it looked almost harmless.


GPS Jamming Responses in the Armies of Different Countries

North Korea reportedly purchased 30- to 60-mile vehicle-mounted GPS jammers from Russia in 2011, which were used as long-range jammers.


Potential Vulnerability of GPS to Interference

Space-based global positioning system (GPS) signals to guide smart bombs and cruise missiles to attack targets, supporting the U.S. strategy.


The impact of the rise of amateur jammers on the Russian war

In recent weeks interference with radio transmissions on Russian military bands has become more widely reported, with do-it-yourself electronic countermeasures (ECM) and pirate signals jamming standard use.


Some navigation technologies other than GPS

Today, wireless technology has become a very important part of our lives.


The Navigation Field has Begun To Use GPS Jammers To Prevent Others From Monitoring

Russia has blocked or disrupted important communications with Western forces in recent years, from mobile phone networks during exercises to electronic warfare against US operations in Syria.


Many Countries Regard GPS Jammers As Contraband

According to the "Wireless Communication and Telegraph Act" (2006), intentional transmission in the GNSS frequency band is not authorized or exempt.


What is Russian Special Drone Jammer

It is reported that Russia has been in the use of a special kind of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) jammer.


The Level of Electronic Jamming in US?

Russia is known to be America's biggest military rival.


Enemy Jamming Threats in Electronic Battlefield Environments

The United States has traditionally received advice from Northrop Grumman to develop early EW applications to support EW.


India uses signal blockers public places to stave off terror attacks

Interestingly, countries that ban jamming devices actually have a high percentage of jammers.


GPS jammers installed on cell towers confuse US GPS navigation

Russia will install GPS jammers on 250,000 mobile phone towers to reduce the accuracy of enemy cruise missiles and drones in large-scale conventional warfare


GPS Jammer Activity Near The Russian Border

Oslo-Norwegian foreign intelligence agencies expressed further concerns about GPS jammers in northern Oslo on Monday, as Oslo again accused Russia of taking "unacceptable" actions.


Russian military interference is already a threat

Russia's military threat to the United States has grown in recent years as Mr. Putin has gained strength.


Air force's latest jamming weapon?

As electronic warfare becomes more competitive, the U.S. military has to add jamming equipment to the air force's weapons.


No nav position near Kremlin capital

China reportedly equipped military vehicles with military GPS jammers in 2007, and North Korea has reportedly intercepted South Korean aircraft's GPS signals several times since 2010.


Reliable and accurate source of GPS sync time and infrastructure

In some cases, location and navigation anomalies have resulted in a vessel being located at an airport 25 nautical miles away, according to GPS.Hacking a device in order to track an individual's location and movements without their consent is an example of cyberstalking.


Russian gps jammer electronic warfare

Both China and Russia sell GPS jammers. In 2008, China released a powerful vehicle-mounted GPS jamming system.


Russian Kremlin Can Obfuscate US GPS Directions

Drone jammers are "significantly affecting" U.S.drone operations, but it's unclear how serious Russia's interference is.


Not telling employees that GPS tracking devices are installed on work vehicles

One company installed GPS tracking devices in their work vehicles without telling employees.


Target U.S. Fighter Jets Russian GPS Signal Jammers

Russia's advanced jamming and electronic warfare capabilities are well known.


China Equip Drones Jamming Gun

According to the PLA daily on October 29, a ministry of the xinjiang military region demonstrated a new type of anti-uav equipment -- electromagnetic interference ray gun during a practical exercise.


Iranian Drone Interceptors With Laser Signal Jammers

The drone jammer, Siraf, was built by cadets at the Isfahan artillery academy.


Countries Prevent Cheating Use Celle Phone Jammer

In Russia. School teachers in Russia began to clamp down when they noticed surreptitious pupils using their smartphones to look up answers and prompts during the tests.


Military GPS jammers that interfere with navigation

When the Iraq War broke out in 2003, the Iraqi military caused a sensation when it used a Russian-made GPS signal jamming system to destroy the US-guided weapons system.


Russia blocks U.S.made GPS in Ukraine

Russia is conducting a major jamming operation to prevent Ukraine from acquiring GPS signals.


Russian Electronic Warfare GPS Jammer

Russia's military electronic equipment has been dubbed the "antique", avionics and radar equipment, in particular, has been a lot of Russian weapons buyer ridicule and sarcasm, but American will recent Israeli airport GPS signal is blocked events "behind the" points to the Russia, the Russian army GPS signal jammer is really so strong?


Russia Block US UAV signals In Syria Drone Jammer

The Russian military has been blocking signals from us drones fighting over Syria, saying it is seriously affecting us military operations, according to four us officials, NBC news reported Thursday.


Can Shoot Down Drones Signal Jammer

Kalashnikov konzian, one of Russia's largest weapons manufacturers, unveiled for the first time a drone jamster designed to shoot down uavs, the rex-1 anti-drone electromagnetic gun, at the army-2017 international military technology BBS in Moscow on Sunday.


Verify that the base station causes signal jammers to block

Mobile phones operate at different frequency bands in different countries.


Why Use GPS Jamming Device?

GPS jamming is increasingly common. It’s of particular concern for maritime authorities, as ships rely on GPS for accurate positioning information.


Drones Will Be Blocked During World Cup

The Russian state ministry has announced that drone jammer will be used during the 2018 World Cup in Russia to ensure that nothing happens during the match.


Signal Jammer Information

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