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Russian signal jammers affect the war

Perfectjammer 2019-07-18

The Russian military has been blocking signals from us drones fighting over Syria, saying it is seriously affecting us military operations, according to four us officials, NBC news reported Thursday.

Reports say Russia began blocking some U.S. drone signals with drone jammer a few weeks ago. Us officials explained that the Russian military was concerned that the us would retaliate against a chemical weapons attack by interfering with the global positioning system of drones operating in the area. But in the face of Russia's advanced jamming technology, the U.S. military is at a loss

Blocking or jamming drones to receive GPS satellite signals is not complicated, says Todd Humphrey, director of the radio navigation laboratory at the university of Texas at Austin. He also warned that it could have a major impact on us drones, or cause them to malfunction or crash. "If the drone's location report is incorrect or missing, it could at least cause some serious confusion."

Us officials have also revealed that only smaller drones have been affected.