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Russia latest drone jamming gun

Perfectjammer 2019-07-18

Kalashnikov konzian, one of Russia's largest weapons manufacturers, unveiled for the first time a drone jamster designed to shoot down uavs, the rex-1 anti-drone electromagnetic gun, at the army-2017 international military technology BBS in Moscow on Sunday.

Nikita hamitov, director of special projects for the kalashnikov's zala aviation group, which designed the electromagnetic gun, said it could neutralize the command and control channels of the world's most common unmanned aerial vehicles.

In addition, the gun is equipped with a number of universal electromagnetic and infrared components, which can suppress GSM, GPS, glonas, Galileo satellite navigation system and other channels. These parts can be replaced in seconds, as easily as the magazine of an assault rifle.

The drone jammer gun can be "fired" for four hours and then recharged for four hours from a normal 220-volt socket or plugged in for use.

One prominent feature of the electromagnetic gun is that it can disable not only unmanned aerial vehicles but also remotely controlled explosive devices such as phones or text messages. The electromagnetic gun shields all external signals, giving the engineer enough time to arrive at the scene to defuse the device and eliminate the threat.

The gun can also block all wi-fi, 3G and 4G communications within a 2km radius by firing an invisible electromagnetic beam. These functions are exactly what is needed in the current fight against terrorism.