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FAQ Jammers List 5

  • Legalize technology that blocks cell phone signals in special places

    Many customers don't know that there is such a device as a smartphone jammer, and they don't know anything about its function, principle and method of use.


  • Devices that block cell phone communication interfere with cheating in exams

    Devices that block cell phone communications are becoming more popular.


  • Administrators spend hundreds of dollars on cell phone jammers to install in libraries

    Mobile phone blocking devices are becoming more and more popular and are used to protect public places, businesses, personal privacy protection and more.


  • According to the venue owner, the signal shield improves the level of the concert

    The concert hall is a very independent small space.Create a new environment without interruptions and offer your audience a musical feast.


  • The jammer is designed for security and privacy to prevent external communication

    Can jammers ensure complete security in all areas? There are a few ways to help protect confidential information.


  • Will jammers block GPS?

    The GPS receiver relies on low-power microwave signals broadcast by GPS satellites.


  • Use of high powered jammers to disrupt aircraft during military operations

    Today, car thieves around the world use GPS jammers to help them get away.


  • GPS jammer devices are widely used in many places to protect privacy

    Do I need to use a jammer? Many people have this problem.


  • GPS jammer devices interfere with all aspects of GPS, including navigation and tracking

    From paranoia and conspiracy to fear of being tracked to employees who don't want to follow their boss, more and more people use GPS jammers.


  • Jamming signal suppression technology can disrupt GPS reception for kilometers or more

    Without the Global Positioning System (GPS), it is difficult to imagine life.


  • The Pentagon deliberately sabotaged civilian GPS signals in the 1990s

    Since the GPS project was launched in 1973, its satellite signal has been the source of controversy.


  • Mobile phones can become eavesdropping devices without knowing it

    Mobile phone can be a good eavesdropping device without the owner's knowledge.


  • GSM blocker works best at a height of 1m

    In the unshielded area (including but not limited to the administrative building, the armed police building and the surrounding units or residential areas), the communication must be smooth


  • Where is the Best Place to Hide a GPS Tracker?

    Next year, nearly 220 out of 100,000 Americans will experience a car theft.Car GPS tracking is one of the most effective ways to monitor employees and family members.


  • How about the effect of GPS tracking rowing equipment

    Finding statistics on boat theft is much harder than car theft.


  • How to effectively combat GPS jamming

    Jammers work by jamming a device's signal and hiding its location so that it cannot be tracked.


  • How GPS tracking equipment affects driving safety

    The GPS tracker let you monitor all your devices from one system.


  • Staging cars eliminate gps consequences

    When you buy an installment car, you will need to sign a GPS agreement and install a GPS locator for the car loan.


  • How about the effect of gps interceptor

    GPS tracking devices are not allowed in many places, and tracking systems are not welcome in many cases.


  • What if the vehicle is tracked and located?

    When it comes to car GPS locators, car owners are no strangers.Search for GPS blockers, buy them and install them on your car so the whole car is in range of signal blocking interference and never have to worry about the car being followed by bad guys again.


  • Can I delete GPS tracking?

    If a car is stolen and the customer does not repay the loan, GPS devices can help auto lenders find the car‘s location, preventing them from losing money and people.


  • Where should I install the Jammer device?

    GPS trackers, everyone should not unfamiliar, also known as "car tracker", through the car moving trajectory, record the history of complete let you at any time to control the moving direction of transportation, and because of the small size easy to hide are less likely to be found


  • Found a hidden GPS tracker in your car

    Found a hidden GPS tracker in your car All onboard GPS trackers fall into the basic categories of active and passive.


  • GPS tracking equipment and GPS signal jammer

    Today, GPS tracking software and data tracking software are available for smartphones or other GPS-enabled tools.


  • Hidden vehicle tracker relying on global positioning system

    All onboard GPS trackers fall into the basic categories of active and passive.Like many other forms of technology, GPS jammers have legitimate and less palatable uses.


  • Check the vehicle appearance of the hidden GPS tracker

    If someone can get into your car and open the hood, they're more likely to just hide the device inside.


  • Check vehicle interior of the hidden GPS tracker

    If someone decides not to let their monitoring device be detected, they might even hide the tracking device inside the seat cushion behind the door panel, and other similar baffle locations.


  • With more and more types of signals, GPS locators have also become people's troubles

    Most people don't take the time to understand the ins and outs of things unless they have something to use, and the same goes for jammers


  • GPS tracking device is tracking and annoying

    Some people need to buy signal jammers, mainly because they are affected by certain equipment, and the negative impact of such equipment on them, they need to cut off the signal and restore it to normal.


  • More and more people are suffering from cell phone and other types of signal inconvenience

    Do you know why people use multi-purpose signal jammers these days?


  • Many signal jammers are designed to cut off several frequency bands at once

    We can see that there are many signal jammers designed to cut off several frequency bands at the same time.


  • Can't find the right jammer? We offer you a variety of jammer kits

    For most of us, online shopping is a new fashion. You can compare prices and buy the best.


  • Knowing your work will know what the jammers do

    When it comes to success, most people think of great people with money and power, like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.


  • GPS jammer Each antenna has a switch that can be used to select which frequencies to block

    The Bug Camera WIFI GPS jammers is perfect for business people or others who don‘t want to record meetings and can also be used in hotel rooms


  • Can I legally remove the GPS tracker I found in my car

    As with all crimes, tampering with evidence requires criminal intent.


  • How Do I confuse the GPS tracking device my ex-husband put in my car

    Gps tracking equipment is divided into two categories: recording and real-time.


  • Protect yourself from GPS tracking at the office

    GPS tracking has been a hot topic in recent years. More and more people are concerned about their privacy and want to know who is spying on them.


  • Find the best GPS tracker blocker

    You can buy GPS jammers online or at your local store. The best way to find the best GPS tracker blocker is to search the internet where you will see many companies selling them and then compare prices, reviews and ratings.


  • Interfere with GPS tracking devices to avoid detection by vehicles

    A GPS tracker is a device used to monitor the movement of a vehicle. It can be used for different purposes in different ways.


  • Can GPS Jammers Block Dash Cams?

    The car is obviously one of the most widely used means of transportation, and its history is very honorable. In the process, the invention of the wheel was certainly a step in the right direction.


  • Why choose our GPS signal jammers?

    A lot of people want to do what they need to do and not be watched. Some of today's cars have GPS navigation and location services when we buy them.


  • How about smartphone tracking to remove the SIM card?

    There are some details in the movie: In order to avoid being tracked by evil organizations or reactionary gangs, the protagonists smashed their phones or threw them into the river.


  • Do jammers affect pilot judgment?

    The U.S. Navy's next-generation GPS jammers promises a new, more capable electronic warfare system that combines agile, high-power beam-jamming technology with cutting-edge solid-state electronics.


  • Are GPS jammers enemies or friends of aircraft?

    Jammers can block radio communications on devices operating on specific radio frequencies within their range by emitting noisy radio carriers.


  • Which receivers can I count on next to a GPS jammer?

    Selected industrial GPS receivers with advanced built-in technology have proven immunity to all kinds of radio interference.


  • How damaging can the interference from jammers be?

    Since its creation, GPS has quickly become an essential tool in global security systems.


  • User is unaware that inaccurate navigation is being received

    Pyongyang used Russian-designed military jammers to conduct more than 100 strikes against military-civilian sea and air traffic near the demilitarized zone.


  • How to hide the moving route?

    Life is unpredictable. At some point, confidentiality is necessary. Thanks to progress, technology is constantly evolving to meet more and more needs.


  • Which gps jammers to choose for what purpose

    If the driver uses jammers for the signal broadcast by the gps beacon, then standard car-specific equipment is perfect for him. This will provide owners with the following benefits


  • How to DIY GPS jammers?

    High-quality jammers equipment will serve the owner for a long time without any problems. To select such a device, it is necessary to consider parameters that affect the operation of the device.


  • Is there any way to prevent the other party from recording?

    Negotiation meeting, do not want the other party to record, what is the way? You can use the recording jammer in the meeting room.


  • No signal when the phone is placed in a shielded cabinet?

    In various churches, military centers, gas stations, courts, hospitals, examination rooms, oil depots, conference rooms, libraries, theaters and other places, the use of communication equipment such as mobile phones is prohibited in some cases.


  • Can signal jammer block a walkie talkie?

    In various churches, military centers, gas stations, courts, hospitals, examination rooms, oil depots, conference rooms, libraries, theaters and other places, the use of communication equipment such as mobile phones is prohibited in some cases.


  • When Do Theaters Need Cell Phone Jammers?

    With the rapid development of the economy, everyone prefers to go to the theater to enjoy musicals, dramas, stage plays,etc.


  • How to mute all phones in public places

    Sometimes I go into a restaurant and I want to enjoy a meal or coffee and quietly read, and someone begins talking really loud on their cell phone.


  • Watch out for locker room wireless pinhole footage

    Beware of wireless spy cameras hidden in rooms in hotels, bathrooms, apartments, conference rooms, etc, but never mentioning locker rooms.


  • Wifi Jammer Prevent Addiction To The Internet

    It is necessary to get a WIFI signal jammer and keep off bad effect of internet.


  • WIFI Jammer which can make the WIFI failing to work,which can let students can't stay up palying phone.

    Makes Sure Students More Sleep with WIFI Jammer


  • Say No to Mobile Phone Abuse, Far Away from the Cell Phone Addiction

    Actually we cannot just rely on the use of the mobile phone signal jammer, we need to depend on our self-consciousness.


  • Call Blocker Devices That Wsork With Cell Phones Need Cost-Effective Products

    For many exam rooms, the budget to buy Call Blocker Devices That Wsork With Cell Phones is not large, so cost-effective products are needed.


  • Blocked Number On Cell Phone Still Comes Through Installed In Each Exam Room

    It has been widely promoted and put into use, and basically every examination room has installed this Blocked Number On Cell Phone Still Comes Through machine.


  • What Is Block Mode On A Cell Phone Mean Appears In Major Exams

    A machine called What Is Block Mode On A Cell Phone Mean can be seen in the test room during high school and high school exams in major schools.


  • Can You Trace A Blocked Call On Your Cell Phone Blocking Isn'T Great?

    To avoid current interference, Can You Trace A Blocked Call On Your Cell Phone does not work well.


  • Do People Know If You Block Their Cell Phone Often Used In Public Places

    The Do People Know If You Block Their Cell Phone device can mute radio signals from far enough away and is commonly used in public spaces, conference rooms and leadership offices.


  • Can You Block A Cell Phone Number T Mobile Control Internet Time

    In order to control the Internet time of children, many families gradually began to install Can You Block A Cell Phone Number T Mobile to block Internet access.


  • Blocking Cell Phone Calls From Unknown Numbers Prevent Exam Cheating

    Many students use their mobile phones to cheat during exams, and the main purpose of buying Blocking Cell Phone Calls From Unknown Numbers is to prevent students from cheating on exams.


  • Block Your Number When Dialing On A Cell Phone Blocks Base Station Signal

    So how does Block Your Number When Dialing On A Cell Phone block the signal, the phone receives frequencies from the base station and wireless router, thereby blocking them.


  • Rooms That Block Cell Phone And Wifi Services Blocks The Three Major Carriers

    At present, Rooms That Block Cell Phone And Wifi Services are all-band, which can block the three major operating signals.


  • Block Adult Content On Cell Phone Chrome Completely Covers The Communication Method

    Block Adult Content On Cell Phone Chrome has evolved again, adding bluetooth and wifi to the scanning range, allowing complete coverage of several common communication methods in the society.


  • Block Cameras On Your Cell Phone Organizes Electromagnetic Waves

    At the same time, there are radio monitors outside the test room, which can help deal with electromagnetic waves in the frequency bands that Block Cameras On Your Cell Phone can block.


  • Can You Block Outgoing Calls On A Cell Phone Cheat Prevention

    To prevent cheating in the exam, all communication signals in the exam room will be blocked by Can You Block Outgoing Calls On A Cell Phone.


  • Block Restricted Calls On My Cell Phone Blocks Wifi Signal

    Some Block Restricted Calls On My Cell Phone cannot block WIFI signal, but can communicate with the outside world.


  • Erc Unblocks Call Blocking On Cell Phones Block All Signals

    Only one small Erc Unblocks Call Blocking On Cell Phones blocks all cell phone signals in the exam room.


  • Block Number From Calling Cell Phone At Amp Blocks Cell Phone Signal

    When the leader is in a meeting, turn on Block Number From Calling Cell Phone At Amp to block cell phone signals.


  • Can You Trace Blocked Numbers On Cell Phones Prevent Candidates From Cheating

    In order to prevent candidates from cheating, it is necessary to use technical means such as Can You Trace Blocked Numbers On Cell Phones to block the signals in the examination room.


  • Does 67 Block Your Number On A Cell Phone Prevent Reception Of Base Station Signals

    You can guarantee a quiet, safe and calm environment, Does 67 Block Your Number On A Cell Phone is an instrument used to prevent cell phones from receiving base station signals.


  • Block Cell Phone Number From Caller Id Verizon Organizing Classroom Phones

    A simple Block Cell Phone Number From Caller Id Verizon will stop students from playing cell phones in classrooms, you need a large or strong cell signal blocker.


  • Cell Phone Able To View Blocked Text Messages Blocked Communication

    Cell Phone Able To View Blocked Text Messages transmits calls on the same frequency as the cell phone, interrupting the communication between the cell phone and the base station in the tower.


  • Blocking Unwanted Phone Calls On Cell Phone Prevents The Device From Functioning Properly

    Quickly cover a range of frequencies, effectively preventing Blocking Unwanted Phone Calls On Cell Phone devices from functioning properly.


  • Cell Phone Case With Microphone Block Slows Internet Speed

    The call quality of mobile phone users around the test room will also be affected by the Cell Phone Case With Microphone Block, and there may be a problem of slow Internet access on the mobile phone.


  • Does Duct Tape Block Cell Phone Solve Life'S Problems

    The self-developed anti-eavesdropping Does Duct Tape Block Cell Phone series products solve many problems in life and are more user-friendly.


  • Block Advertising Calls On Cell Phone Can Be Applied In Different Environments

    Block Advertising Calls On Cell Phone is small in size, easy to use, and can be applied to various environments in different regions through independent distributed distribution.


  • Do You Need Pop Up Blocker On Cell Phone Limit Freedom

    Like the boss putting Do You Need Pop Up Blocker On Cell Phone in the toilet, it is actually a disguised performance of being extremely stingy to employees.


  • Do Metal Roofs Block Cell Phone Reception Keep Data Service Open

    Office toilets require high-performance Do Metal Roofs Block Cell Phone Reception, so keep cell phone jammers on, and keep devices and data services on.


  • Verizon Cell Phone Caller Id Blocking Will Not Affect Other Electronic Devices

    Verizon Cell Phone Caller Id Blocking can only block cell phone signals and will not affect other electronic devices.


  • Block Incoming Cell Phone Calls Samsung To Prevent Cheating In Class

    Block Incoming Cell Phone Calls Samsung can block most signals, effectively preventing students from cheating and using mobile phones in class.


  • Is Cell Phone Charging Block Safe For Vapes An Infringement?

    The use of radio signals is the right of legitimate users, and the arbitrary use of Cell Phone Charging Block Safe For Vapes is an infringement that will disrupt the order of radio waves.


  • Apps To Block Telemarketers From Cell Phone Prevent Tech Cheating

    The Apps To Block Telemarketers From Cell Phone dedicated to the exam room is still an anti-jamming device that prevents high-tech cheating.


  • Cell Phone Covers Block Radiation Reduce Risk Of Cell Phone Misuse

    As cell phone usage increases, so does the risk of cell phone abuse, Cell Phone Covers Block Radiation is installed to prevent cell phone use.


  • Best App To Block Cell Phone Calls Is Universal App

    As we mentioned above, Best App To Block Cell Phone Calls best app to block cell phone calls is very versatile and often found in schools, daily teaching or big exams.


  • Does Metal Roof Block Cell Phone Signals Prevent Getting Scammed

    The customer service of a large shopping website Does Metal Roof Block Cell Phone Signals, as long as the mobile phone is equipped with an anti-jamming device, the answer can be reversed.


  • Can You Block Internet On A Cell Phone Adds Integrity Exam

    In addition to increasing invigilation efforts, the Provincial Admissions Office also requires schools to educate candidates on integrity exams in advance, and install Can You Block Internet On A Cell Phone.


  • Blocked Cell Phone Calls Go To Voicemail Blocks 4G Signal

    These Blocked Cell Phone Calls Go To Voicemail were of little use in the face of the growing popularity of 4G phones, and it quickly became a showcase.


  • App To Block Cell Phone Use For Truckers Cuts Communication

    The phone is disconnected from the base station App To Block Cell Phone Use For Truckers and cannot be used.


  • Devices To Block Cell Phone Reception Banned For Sale

    The factory was on its website last year, but as of the 16th Devices To Block Cell Phone Reception, more than 3,500 companies have established sales of this particular device.


  • Wooden Cell Phone Stand Diy Jenga Blocks Does Not Affect The Communication Industry

    The management of Wooden Cell Phone Stand Diy Jenga Blocks is very strict and must not affect the normal communication industry.


  • Tru Blu Life Xl Cell Phone Block Number For Use In Public Places

    Tru Blu Life Xl Cell Phone Block Number This device is used in movie theaters, conference rooms, hospitals, trains, etc. where power needs to be turned off.


  • Apps To Block Spam Calls On Your Cell Phone Urges Committee Members To Concentrate On Their Work

    The Two Sessions of Liling City, Hunan Province set up Apps To Block Spam Calls On Your Cell Phone at the venue to urge representatives and members to concentrate on their work.


  • Block Unknown Calls Sprint Cell Phone Blocks Normal Calls

    Block Unknown Calls Sprint Cell Phone anti-jamming will allow the mobile phone to adjust the transmit power to ensure normal calls at this time.


  • The jammer makes our communication more secure

    Communication security is a big issue for the modern world. With the advancement of science and technology, mistakes in movies can be easily purchased.


  • Why do schools need hidden cell phone jammers

    Because of its invisibility, the device can prevent children from using their phones without their knowledge. Therefore, this signal jamming device is required to be accepted and used by parents, which is one of the most commonly used jamming devices in the United States


  • Mobile phone jamming devices are being used in universities

    The stage of college will be the most important period of our life. Just in this key period, we can build our systematic outlook. We need to learn knowledge, at the same time, we also need to learn some skills, which will be of great help when we come to the job market. The ability we gain in the college will be useful all the time. Besides, there we gain more true skill and genuine knowledge if we study hard with whole heart. In order to improve their scores, the college will organize different kinds of examinations and in order to create quiet fair environment during their examinations. The application of cell phone blocker is very popular there, that is why you can not get any phone signal when you are in your examination.


  • Signal jamming devices block mobile games

    We of course don’t abject to play games, we advocate a healthy way to play mobile phone games in the cell phone WIFI blocker from our store. As mobile phones are the product of high-tech, they bring wonderful entertainment to our human beings, which make our life much more colorful. While we must face the truth that mobile games are easy for people to be addicted in it. As mention above, it is high-tech product that will attract our attention as easy as beauty.


  • Use signal jamming devices to restore personal relationships

    As the world gets more modernized, the distance between people is more far away especially when people are addicted in mobile phone life and can not get out of the world totally. Do you want to get back to the original life? There is no cell phone, there is no game and there is no continuous phone rings at all, you can talk with your family or friends face to face and share the happiness and sorrow with them and live a more real and more close life with them.


  • Cell phone jammers can help you achieve happiness

    What is the exact definition of happiness? Some people think marry to the people they love and live a plain life is happiness, even though they can not afford a bigger house or a brand-new car;And some other people think that don’t need to go to work and sleep in the bed until the noon is happiness. Apparently, the definition of happiness varies from person to person.


  • The contribution of cell phone jammers to classroom safety

    According to the statistic, nowadays the accidents caused by usage of mobile phones when driving is innumerable. The temptation to pick an important call when driving is huge. In order to protect the safety of driving, today we produce the mobile phone jammer for car using. While you may make phone calls when driving successfully in the past, it is not a good idea for the safety of our life.


  • What Kind Of Signal Jammer Should Be Chosen

    Now, almost everyone needs a signal jammer, but everyone's needs are different, so what kind of jammer do you need, and whether you know it or not.


  • What's the scope of the signal jammer

    Usually, a lot of people buy a signal mobile phone jammer and go back and find that the actual jamming distance is much smaller than what the supplier says. Why is that? This is very simple, because the data provided by the supplier is in the best condition, and normally when we test in the city, we will get obstructed by buildings and interference from signal towers, so the interference distance will be smaller


  • How can signal jamming devices work

    How do you put a cell phone jammer in the right place? It's a very sleepy thing because a lot of people don't pay attention to other people's feelings when they use it, so a lot of people use this kind of device and it causes resentment. In fact, many people don't use these devices properly


  • How to buy GPS jamming device

    How to choose GPS jammer correctly? This is a conundrum, as the frequency varies slightly from country to country. So how to choose such a device is a very important issue to consider. So this time our expert will tell you how to choose a GPS jammer


  • How to prevent surveillance by GPS blocker

    Honestly, with the development of technology, you are more and more easily followed and monitored. You never know when you're going to be followed and watched, and now you're getting so sophisticated that you barely notice. However, since these principles are based on GPS positioning, there are ways to combat this behavior


  • Choose the correct signal type for the GPS jammer

    As we know, GPS signal has five frequency bands, namely GPS l1-l5. So how do you choose the frequency you want? First, we need to know what frequency band we're using. Then choose the jamming device you need


  • How to choose signal combination of mobile phone jammer

    How to choose a combination jammer? This is a very important question. You have to understand which bands you need to jam, put them together, and customize your own combination jammer


  • Why are signal jammers becoming popular

    Can cell phone jammers reduce traffic accidents? What the hell is going on here? Why is it so effective? Let's see what this device does


  • Cell phone jammers reduce traffic accidents

    Can cell phone jammers reduce traffic accidents? What the hell is going on here? Why is it so effective? Let's see what this device does


  • What are the advantages of choosing a remote jammer

    Why do you need a remote signal jammer? What are the benefits of choosing this jamming device? Many people may not understand these questions, but it doesn't matter, our experts will answer them today


  • Choose a cell phone jammer that works for you

    The most suitable signal jammers of their own are certainly tailored. You can customize your own jamming equipment according to the signal frequency you need to jam. The benefits are huge. You can take advantage of every jamming band and use it more easily than normal jamming devices


  • What type of phone jammer should you choose

    More and more places are starting to use cell phone jammer, but many people don't know what they need before they buy them, and sometimes when they buy them back, they will find that they can't block the target signal.


  • How to determine the signal jammer interference effect

    Signal jammer - depending on the object you want to block you will have to get the same jammer that supports one of the above mentioned frequencies. The jamming device will emit the signals on the same frequency that the device that is to be jammed


  • How to block the cell phone signal around

    Let’s say that you are sitting in a nice café and all you do is enjoying the situation around you. The only thing that bothers your attention is the fact that there are many people who are doing the worst out of the situation by simply speaking on their phones without stopping


  • Cell phone jammers help teachers regain control of the classroom

    For those teachers that are troubled by students distracting others by using their phones during class, a classroom jammer may be exactly what you need. With these devices, you can stop the conversations instantly, prevent students from cheating on exams, and stop class disruptions caused by cell phone ringing and buzzing.


  • Working mode of GPS signal jammer

    How do GPS signal jammer work?This Global Positioning System uses a series of earth orbiting satellites that send out radio signals. The signals reach a GPS receiver to determine positioning via triangulation. GPS can be found in individual handheld units and cellular phones, vehicle navigational and positioning systems, and in small GPS tracking devices


  • Why do prisons need cell phone jammers

    More prisons now realize the threat to the general public and correctional workers, due to illicit cell phone use by inmates. Prison mobile phone jammers are becoming an increasing security need in prisons, jails, and detention centers


  • How to stop eavesdropping with cell phone jammers

    As our world becomes more and more intelligent, our life begins to become more and more convenient. However, with the development of technology, many smart devices are beginning to be monitored. More and more people can't stand living under surveillance every day


  • How to block signals in the office with cell phone jammers?

    In fact, this method has been used by many enterprises. Because in many enterprises, employee slacking has always been a big problem. More and more people are using social media at work. Watch video. As managers, they are powerless.


  • How to protect trade secrets?

    As we all know, nowadays business competition is becoming more and more fierce. Many companies go to any lengths to obtain trade secrets. The usual method is wiretapping. Faced with such tactics, many companies have had to step up their efforts to keep meetings and secrets secret. But there are always omissions. Until a device came along


  • How to protect trade secrets?

    As we all know, nowadays business competition is becoming more and more fierce. Many companies go to any lengths to obtain trade secrets. The usual method is wiretapping. Faced with such tactics, many companies have had to step up their efforts to keep meetings and secrets secret. But there are always omissions. Until a device came along


  • How to stop GPS tracking in car

    GPS tracking is the biggest security issue in North America. Thousands of residents are threatened with stalking every day. Fortunately, Perfectjammer experts have found a new solution.


  • How to prevent cell phones from being tapped

    In fact, since the prism scandal, we all know that our phones are not very safe. We know that maybe our phones are being monitored by government agencies or spies. But what can we do about it?


  • Can hospitals use cell phone jammers?

    On the whole, our team of experts think this approach is reasonable. Because many hospitals have sought help from Perfectjammer to set up signal interference system in the hospital


  • How Large range of drone jammer

    Now, as drones fly higher and higher. Using drone jammers is also getting harder. Right now, uavs can fly at altitudes of between 1,000 and 1,500 feet, which is generally difficult to jam. So can the drone jammers reach that altitude?


  • How to jam cell phone spam message?

    As far as I know, we're getting a lot of spam on our smartphones every day. Maybe somebody is trying to perform an analogue of DdoS attack to permanently block your phone.


  • How long before 5G jammers are in use?

    With the coming of 2019, 5G is getting closer and closer. A large number of 5G mobile phones are expected by the end of 2019.While this is a cause for celebration, it is not a good thing for business managers.


  • How do jammers prevent fires?

    Usually when we think of jammers, we think of anti-cheating and anti-tracking. So when it comes to preventing fires, perhaps few people know what is going on. In fact. We all know that the most fire-prone places are forests and gas stations. The biggest danger is at the gas station. Explosions caused by a gas station fire are more terrifying than a simple fire.


  • How to solve the biggest threat of GPS tracking

    GPS tracking remains one of the biggest threats to north americans today. If you're in North America, you've probably noticed strange cars following you around. So, you're usually being followed. You will often see strangers around you.


  • How long can use 4g jammers?

    Perhaps the biggest news of the year will be the arrival of 5G. Huawei has announced at a press conference that it will produce its first 5G mobile phone this year. The era of 5G is coming


  • What's the difference between mobile 5G for and WiFi 5G

    Before the real 5G comes, what we said before 5G actually refers to the 5.8g WiFi.The signals are usually used to control drones. It's also part of the radio signal. Therefore, this type of jammer is mainly aimed at drones rather than mobile phones


  • The concert order vindicator - jamming equipment

    This kind of equipment is necessary, of course. In the process of the concert, if there is any noise is should not. Therefore, the concert organizers think it is necessary to keep order. So the organizers will use a device called cell phone jammer. To prevent noise appeared in the process of the concert.


  • Why use jamming device in western restaurant?

    Generally speaking, the western restaurant for dining environment is very attention. As a result, we often can see at the entrance to the restaurant for your clothes clean, at the same time can not talk loudly in the dining process. Of course, to go to western restaurant, this is the basic manners. But you can never guarantee, each diner is then know the etiquette.


  • Why our cell phone no signal in cinema?

    This is a problem that people who go to the cinema often will notice. We will find that, when we enter the cinema area, mobile phone signal will fade away until disappear.


  • Why GPS tracking more and more?

    With the application of GPS technology is more and more developed, more and more application of GPS was born. GPS tracking is becoming more and more easy. This phenomenon has become a reality, is no longer just the equipment in the movie.


  • How to protect children's eye by jammer?

    Cell phone jammer can protect the child? The latest theory by the director of the institute Perfectjammer ishida tip in the 18th of this month. Ishida think, long time children use the electronic equipment will cause great harm to the eyes. Electronic devices emit blue light can cause irreversible damage to the eyes of the children.


  • School can use a mobile phone jammer?

    Before discussing whether to use cell phone jammer we must understand the use of mobile phones to the harm of children. Electronic equipment emitted blue light will cause irreversible damage to the eyes. This is why more and more children begin to wear glasses.


  • Why use mobile phone signal jammer in prisons?

    From a disciplinary perspective, is necessary to use a cell phone jammer. As more and more prisoners secretly use of mobile phones, the head of the prison had to consider the use of this equipment.


  • How to work cell phone jammer?

    How to work cell phone jammer? Disrupting a cell phone is the same as jamming any other type of radio communication. A cell phone works by communicating with its service network through a cell tower or base station. Cell towers divide a city into small areas, or cells. As a cell-phone user drives down the street, the signal is handed from tower to tower.


  • How to work drone jammer?

    The working principle of the drone jammer in simple terms, is through the radio signal coverage to affect the normal reception unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). Actually works is more complex. By emitting different signal, can be unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) return or cannot send images.


  • Can I jam a drone signal?

    Of course, you can jamming drone signal. Now, with the commercial chaos in drone, a growing number of government departments need to interfere with the drones. With their research, scientists soon developed a device called a drone jammer.


  • Can cinema use cell phone jammer?

    From the cinema's point of view, they have the right to do so. After all, they have an obligation to let more guests enjoy better service. So it is necessary to use cell phone jammer.


  • How to jamming 5G signals in the coming 5G era

    Indeed, 5G phones have been released this year, proving that the era of 5G is coming. This is good news for most people.


  • How to get cell phone jammer? How it work?

    It easily available and cheap. Lots of people have them, like professional wireless network installers and cable installers. Maybe you could ask someone like that.


  • Where to buy a cheap cell phone jammer?

    This is a difficult question to answer. Because different countries have different channels to buy cheap jammers. For example, North America, perfectjammer is a good choice.


  • How to prevent a drone assassination?

    This issue has been the focus of attention recently. The drone attack on August 9th, though unsuccessful, sent a signal. Killing weapons are getting smaller and smarter. Correspondingly, it is increasingly difficult to prevent. But it is not impossible to prevent.


  • Where can buy a drone jammer gun?

    In order to protect your daily life from being disturbed, we recommend that you use the drone jammer gun. This device can not only blocker with the general 2.4Ghz radio frequency, but also can jam the latest 5.8 Ghz radio frequency. This type of jammer's block range up to 1500 meters, and even high-altitude UAV can be shot down.


  • How can jamming cell phone signals?

    Imagine a noisy phone ringing next to you when you dine quietly. The phone rang when you were watching a great movie. At this time, maybe you need a cell phone signal jammer.


  • How can buy a cigarette lighter GPS jammer?

    For the sake of portability, the cigarette lighter type GPS signal jammer is the best choice. After all, it takes a long time to use in the car, and it will be very inconvenient if you can't charge it in the car.


  • How to make GPS jamming devices?

    Getting a GPS jamming device in the United States is not easy. So some people will want to do one themselves. But this is highly impractical. Because first of all you need to have a very professional knowledge of physics and hands-on ability. Second, it takes a lot of time to adjust. Therefore, it is better to buy one online.


  • How disable a drone signal?

    There are many illegal drones in the United States. The government has no intention of regulating the chaotic drone market. So if you want to deal with illegal drones, you have to do it yourself.


  • How can buy a wireless signals jammer?

    Of course, you can get a wireless jamming device. But, you can't get it in US. It is hard to buy this kind of equipment in the shop because of the policy. So there are other ways to get this kind of equipment in the United States.


  • Where can buy a cell phone jammer?

    It's hard to buy signal jammers in the United States for policy reasons. But you always need one for a variety of reasons, right?


  • What does the uses of cell phone blocker?

    With the popularity of jamming devices in recent years, you've probably heard of signal blocker.But what's the purpose of this device, you know?


  • How disable 4G signals?

    Although 4G signals are needed, they still need to be blocked in some special cases. For example, during an exam, or during a confidential meeting. But America still has no effective solution


  • How to jam GPS tracking from phone?

    Now more and more apps are equipped with GPS positioning function. This feature is easy to use for tracing. Therefore, it is easy to be used by hackers and criminals. It's very dangerous.


  • What does mobile phone signal blocker?

    Cell phone signal jammer is a device for cellular signal. When turned on, a signal vacuum can be formed quickly. Effectively block all kinds of cell phone signals


  • Can shoot down drone in US?

    Because the United States has no special control over drones. So there are still a lot of illegal drones out there. So, if you're dealing with these drones, I think it's legal


  • Public places should disable mobile phone signal?

    Usually, most of the answers are to ban cell phone signals. I think most people are fed up with the sudden ringing of cell phones in cinemas and theatres. Therefore, it is necessary to block cell phone signals in public places.


  • How to disable cell phone signals in working time?

    Indeed, there are many times when you need to block cell phone signal at work. Not to mention that some tech companies want to block cell phone signals for security reasons. Of course, cell phone signals still exist.


  • How building your own GPS jammer?

    This is a very practical idea. When your rights are not protected, you need to protect them by yourself. But it's hard to make the equipment yourself. You need some knowledge of circuits and hands-on skills. Fortunately, such devices are now available in online stores.


  • How to disable a GPS tracking?

    How to block a GPS tracking signal, this may be a majority of americans want to know. Tracking devices are often installed in the United States because human rights are not protected. Even so, people still want to avoid being tracked. That's why we have a GPS signal jammer.


  • Can buy mobile phone block in US?

    Cell phone signal jammer are hard to buy in stores because of U.S. policy. Usually you can only buy such device through online stores.


  • How can blocker drone signal?

    Due to the increasingly advanced technology of unmanned aerial vehicles, many of them are used for illegal purposes. These drones have been used for invasion of privacy, smuggling and other purposes. For a variety of reasons, we need to shoot down these drones.


  • Have a device that can jam cell phone signals?

    Sometimes we have to put up with loud phone calls in public places like cinemas. Most people want to block their cell phone signal when they watch a movie. But the phone still bell rings.


  • Teacher can use mobile phone jammers?

    In the face of more and more technological means of cheating, relying on traditional means alone has difficult to stop. Because students don't just rely on mobile networks to cheat, they also use technology like bluetooth to cheat.


  • What does car blocker?

    Car GPS signal jammer is a device to prevent GPS tracking. After this device turn on, GPS signals within a range of 5 to 15 meters can be quickly blocked. Effectively prevent from being tracked.


  • How to block phone tapping

    With advances in technology, mobile phone tapping is no longer seen only in movies. In the United States, it's easy for your phone to be tapped. So you need to learn to protect your privacy.


  • How to kill cell phone signal?

    Cell phone scrambler is a blocking device of cell phones, which sends the blocking signals to towers from the same frequency range of the cell phones, the interference cause the cell phone to lose the signals from the station.


  • What is a cell phone scrambler?

    Although cell phones are considered to be one of the most important devices, there will be many situations where they can become a torture. They can even spoil some of your most beautiful moments and events. Many times, we will be disturbed by calls when we are in an urgent meeting or situation


  • How to stop cell phone signal?

    Undoubtedly, the most convenient method is to use cell phone signal jammer. There are ways to build Faraday cages, but they are expensive and not portable.


  • What is a cell phone jammer used for?

    Cell phone scrambler can be used in places like hospitals, churches, movie theatres and other places with performances, and other buildings where and when the use of mobile telephones may result in a leak of sensitive information


  • How to jam a cell phone?

    Perhaps you've heard that some libraries are already using a device called a cell phone scrambler. The main purpose of the device is to keep order and quiet on site, and to disable access to mobile phone signals.


  • How to make a cell phone jammer?

    Cell phone jammer creates strong interference for communication between the caller and receiver. It is efficient in blocking transmission of signals from networks including UMTS, 3G, CDMA, GSM and PHS.


  • How to block cell phone signal?

    All cell phones which use GSM800 have their transmitted and received frequencies always separated by 45MHz. So when the mobile phone tries to call, it is blocked by its own signal returning to it


  • What device can disable cell phones?

    Such devices exist, and a device called a cell phone jammer has been used in many public places. Disrupting a cell phone is the same as jamming any other type of radio communication.


  • What is cell phone jamming device?

    Cell phone jammer can disrupting the communication between the phone and the cell-phone base station, effectively disabling mobile phones within the range of the jammer, preventing them from receiving signals.


  • How to buy cell phone jammers?

    Because of the particularity of the cell phone jammer device, it is difficult to buy the general store. So you can only buy it in an online store.


  • How to drone jammer work?

    The drone operates in the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz at a distance of from 200 to 2000 meters and more, depending on the location, power of the device and the distance from the operator.


  • How to prevent WIFI hackers?

    However, with the popularity of WIFI, there are some bad effects. For example, hackers can easily steal data from your computer through the WIFI network.


  • How to anti-GPS tracking?

    With the progress of science and technology, positioning technology is becoming more and more developed, personal privacy is increasingly threatened.


  • What can a GPS jammer do?

    Most GPS blocker vehicle anti-tracker are built for military uses, for instance, to confuse the enemy on where their exact location is or where the enemies satellite positioning guided missiles or bombs will fall.


  • Why buy GPS jammer?

    With advances in technology, there is always the tendency to relinquish more and more of our privacy. GPS tracking cell phone technology is no different.


  • How to jammer GPS signals?

    Find a GPS jammer that fits your needs and budget. The device can block GPS tracking devices from sending signals to its receiver. Be careful, though, some of these can block signals only up to few meters.


  • Can use cell phone jammer in church?

    In Monterrey, the Sacred Heart church, a baroque temple favored by Mexico's elite for weddings, church officials acquired their blockers two years ago.


  • What is the use of cellphone jammer?

    Cell phone jammer is a device that blocks transmission or reception of signals, usually by creating some form of interference at the same frequency ranges that cell phones use. As a result, a cell phone user will either lose the signal or experience a significant loss of signal quality.


  • Can jam both 4G and WIFI signals at the same time?

    At present, France, Japan, China and other countries have used this cell phone jammer on a large scale. Used in education to prevent students from cheating and using mobile phones during class. In addition, some business owners also purchase such equipment for meeting rooms and office areas.


  • Are cell phone jammers legal in schools?

    It is now legal to use jammers in schools such as France, Japan and China. Japan and China have been using cell phone jammer for a long time. Now Europe is beginning to accept the use of jamming devices.


  • Is there a remote control jammer?

    Although we may be used to starting the jamming device ourselves. But the latest remote-controlled cell phone jammer have appeared. The jamming device has a remote control like a car electronic lock. Remote control can be done with the buttons on the remote control.


  • Can be used cell phone jammer in car?

    Although we usually use cell phone jammer indoors. However, this does not mean that the jamming device can only be used in a specific range. Jamming devices can also be used in cars.


  • How to cell phone jammer work?

    Cell phone jamming devices overpower the cell phone by transmitting a signal on the same frequency and at a high enough power that the two signals collide and cancel each other out. Cell phones are designed to add power if they experience low-level interference, so the jammer must recognize and match the power increase from the phone.


  • What's the cell phone jammers?

    There are many legal purposes for using them in some peoples everyday lives. Cellular based security systems testing, cell phone testing, wireless product testing, and GPS product testing are areas where technicians use them all the time to verify their equipment is working without actually causing unnecessary calls to 911 centers. Many schools, theatres, movie shops, dorms, auditoriums, restaurants, and so forth can also use them legally.


  • Jammer signals will harmful to the human body?

    There are often concerns about whether the radio waves of the jammer can be harmful to humans. But in fact, the radio waves generated by the cell phone jammer are very weak to other objects in addition to interfering with cellular signals.


  • What is the classification of jammers?

    According to the frequency classification, the jammer can be divided into cell phone jammer, GSM jammers, GPS jamming device, WIFI blocker, drone jammer.


  • Does the jammer block other electronic device signals?

    There are also cell phone jammer that can interfere with a wide range of frequencies. However, this type of jammer can choose to turn on or off a single frequency. So, in general, the jammer does not interfere with other frequencies.


  • What should pay attention to before buying the jammer?

    The cell phone jammer is customized according to the frequency bands of different countries, please confirm that the purchase country and the actual use country are consistent. Otherwise it can not be used.Please read the jammer function before purchasing. If the low power jammers(such as handheld jammers) to blocker signal device(such asWIFI router, Bluetooth audio equipment, etc.), the effect will be poor or even can not jammer. It is forbidden to use while charging. Do not use handheld jammers as desktop jammers. Do not use jammers before connecting the antenna.


  • Can jammers be used at extreme temperatures?

    For purposes of use, cell phone jammer is rarely used in extreme environments. Therefore, the use of extreme environments is not considered in the design. Usually the jammer can work in an environment from -10℃ to 50℃. If the temperature is too low, the jammer may need to be warmed up for a period of time to work properly. If the temperature is too high, prolonged use may cause damage to the jammer.


  • Is the jammer waterproof?

    The cell phone jammer is also has waterproof type. This kind of jammer can usually prevent water dripping and splashing. It can be used outdoors or without sealing environment.


  • What's the difference between GSM and CDMA?

    CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) and GSM (Global System for Mobiles) are shorthand for the two major radio systems used in cell phones. The two cellular standards function in different regions and allow for global communication between individuals, and each converts incoming and outgoing data into radio waves differently.