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February 2021 Signal Jammers FAQ List

  • Can mobile jammers block three operators?

    The mobile phone jammers on the market are all full-band, which can shield all the 2G 3G 4G signals, 2.4G WIFI signals and Bluetooth signals under all the three operators of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom.


  • Mobile jammers can also interrupt WiFi and Bluetooth signals

    At present, the mobile phone jammers used in the examination room are all full frequency bands, which can interfere with all frequency bands of the three operators 2G/3G/4G/5G, and WIFI signals and Bluetooth signals can also be shielded.


  • The mobile phone jammer only shields the mobile phone signal in the examination room

    Although the time for the college entrance examination this year was affected by the epidemic and was postponed to July 7-8, in order to ensure the information security of the examination room, the corresponding measures have not been reduced at all.


  • In the future, mobile phone jammers are as common as mobile phones

    There are also many examination rooms used in various postgraduate entrance examinations and CET-4 and CET-6 exams. In order to ensure the fairness and justice of the test and isolate electronic cheating methods, the use of wireless signal jammers (also known as mobile cell phone jammer) in the examination room has become a standard configuration


  • Mobile jammers quit the habit of indulging in games

    With the advent of the summer vacation, primary and secondary schools in various places have begun to have holidays, but the test for parents has come one after another-what should I do if the child is addicted to mobile phone chat.


  • Mobile jammers are gradually integrated into people's lives

    In many occasions in life, such as exams, meetings, etc., using mobile phones is very inappropriate. At this time, in addition to confiscating mobile phones in advance, you can use mobile phone jammers to remove mobile phone signals and Wi-Fi signals within the range of specific occasions


  • Mobile jammers can forcibly quit the bad habit of addicted to mobile phones

    If an adult is addicted to mobile phones, you can adjust it yourself, read a book, go out for shopping, there are still many things to do in life. If you are a child, you will be addicted to mobile phones when you are at home during winter and summer vacations.


  • Mobile phone jammers are widely used

    The standard classrooms in schools are generally about 75 square meters, each classroom equipped with a mobile phone jammer can achieve better results. It can be placed in the middle of the classroom and can be shielded to the greatest extent.


  • perfectjammer is already very mature in the field of signal jammers

    In life, people who don’t understand signal jammers often encounter some problems. Today I will help people answer them one by one.


  • Mobile jammers completely eradicate cheating

    The function of each mobile phone jammer is different. Of course, the smart phone jammer also has its unique functions. Below, Dazhan Electronics will solve its mystery for everyone.


  • To curb the development of mobile phone jammers, we need to start from the source

    In order to effectively curb the phenomenon of random sales and use of mobile phone jammers, the only way to manage them is from the source, with the cooperation of confidentiality, industry and commerce, quality supervision, and public security departments, and strict control from production and sales channels.


  • Can citizens buy and use mobile jammers randomly?

    The reporter consulted relevant information and found that as early as 2007, the State Security Bureau and the Ministry of Information Industry jointly issued the "Regulations on the Development, Production and Sales of Mobile Communication Mobile Phone Jammers for Confidential Conferences."


  • Mobile jammers are very effective for classroom discipline

    A netizen broke the news that a college in Sichuan had installed cell phone jammers and placed cell phone bags in classrooms. The netizen posted a long post expressing dissatisfaction with the school, thinking that such a move was unreasonable.


  • Mobile phone jammers cause severe interference to radio communications

    Changsha Radio Management Department recently investigated and dealt with a mobile phone signal jammer interference case. The radio management department reminded that it is illegal to set up and use mobile phone signal jammers without permission.


  • GPS jammers can be sold online

    The Morning News reported that a BMW from a car rental agency in Wuhan was driven to Shanghai by a tenant and was almost dismantled and sold. Fortunately, the owner of the car rental agency followed them all the way and finally retrieved the BMW from a repair shop in this city.


  • GPS jammers cannot be bought and sold casually

    A staff member of a car rental company told reporters that GPS jammers cannot be bought and sold casually, but they can be bought casually on the market now, which gives some criminals a chance. Yesterday, the reporter visited the electronic market.


  • Who supervises mobile phone signal jammers in the market

    As early as 2007, the State Security Bureau and the Ministry of Information Industry jointly issued the "Regulations on the Development, Production and Sales of Mobile Communication Jammers for Confidential Conferences." It requires that the sale of mobile cell phone jammer for confidential meetings should be strictly controlled.


  • The essence of mobile phone jammer is to interfere with electromagnetic

    The 2018 National College Entrance Examination will also be conducted from June 7th to 9th. According to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, from now until the end of the college entrance examination,mobile cell phone jammer will be turned on in the examination room, which will affect the calls of nearby users.


  • Mobile jammers should be managed by law enforcement agencies

    A few days ago, technicians from the Radio Administration Bureau of Yichun City, Jiangxi Province received an interference complaint from China Mobile’s Yichun branch, saying that its base station near the industrial park in Yuanzhou District, Yichun City was subjected to strong interference.


  • GPS jammer can intercept car thieves

    The owner parked the Leopard V6 off-road vehicle in his yard. After getting off the car, he pressed the remote control lock and heard a beep, and went upstairs with confidence. What he didn't expect was that the signal of the remote control lock was intercepted by the car thief with a "gps jammer" in the middle, and the car was not locked. The car thief opened the door and drove the car away.


  • Ban jam wifi with laptop from being sold in the U.S.

    Imagine someone deployed a jam wifi with laptop in a large retail store on Black Friday. These types of IoT security disasters are fast approaching. Last summer, DePoe-Hughes filmed a rather strange scene in Manchester Castle Shopping Park in the fall. After the door is locked, it cannot be unlocked. The situation is just the opposite.


  • Mobile tiny cell phones for sale jammers can interrupt radio intrusions

    Electronic devices usually need to be wirelessly connected to the Internet and/or other IoT hardware. As people increasingly rely on IoT devices, this sounds like the ideal setting for digital criminals. Many security experts, including Ken Westin of Tripwire, will agree.


  • Ordinary people cannot detect mobile phone tower tracking jammers

    The prevailing belief is that wireless cell phone jammer are illegal, in most countries/regions. The Federal Communications Commission states: "If you are not an authorized user of the federal government, you are not allowed to use phone tower tracking jammers in the United States (even privately owned)


  • wireless video camera jammer make people tired

    The bad guys want to be as anonymous as possible. For this reason, they may prefer to make wireless WiFi jammers. According to researchers Mathy Vanhoef and Frank Piessens at the University of Leuven in Belgium, this is now easier than ever.