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GPS jammer can intercept car thieves

Arh Janko February 10, 2021 12:30

The owner parked the Leopard V6 off-road vehicle in his yard. After getting off the car, he pressed the remote control lock and heard a beep, and went upstairs with confidence. What he didn't expect was that the signal of the remote control lock was intercepted by the car thief with a "gps jammer" in the middle, and the car was not locked. The car thief opened the door and drove the car away.

In the past two years, He Ningfeng and Huang Xiangjiang have used this small machine and the carelessness of the owner to steal more than 30 cars. After many days of investigation, the Changsha Railway Police completely destroyed the car theft gang. Yesterday, He Ningfeng, Huang Xiangjiang, and Cai were arrested by the Changsha Railway Procuratorate. The "locked" car is gone

On September 30 last year, the Loudi Station Police Station of the Changsha Railway Public Security Department received a report from a unit that the driver He Mou had locked a Leopard V6 off-road vehicle worth more than 300,000 yuan with a remote control lock and parked it in the open air of the unit. In the parking lot, it was discovered that the car had been stolen early in the morning, and no clues were left around.

After receiving the police, Deng Wenzhong, the deputy director of criminal investigation of the Changsha Railway Public Security Department, immediately led the Criminal Police Detachment Captain Chen Hongping, Loudi Brigade Captain Zhao Yun and investigators to the scene to carry out investigation visits and on-site investigations. The police station also rushed out and set up checkpoints at every intersection where the suspect might escape, but no stolen vehicles were found passing through these intersections.

The police found that similar car thefts have occurred in Changsha, Shuangfeng, Shaoyang and other places. In view of the seriousness of the case, the Changsha Railway Public Security Office established a "September 30" Special Vehicle Robbery Special Team, which was headed by Chen Hongping, the head of the Criminal Police Detachment. Long, 16 investigators were selected to participate.