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Mobile jammer prevents malicious programs

Lopez Samuel March 06, 2021 10:30

I read about the security vulnerabilities of this tablet. As the owner of a tablet, I want to protect it from hackers. Is it really possible? In fact, the BlackBerry PlayBook has a security vulnerability that has been recently discovered by Ben Nell and Zach Lanier, two researchers from the Intrepidus Group. This vulnerability is related to the BlackBerry Bridge software, which establishes a Bluetooth connection between the BlackBerry phone and the PlayBook tablet to share email and calendar data without storing them in the PlayBook. At the same time, you can also use a cell phone jammer to block The occurrence of this behavior.

The error that allows hackers to access the authorization token of the Bridge software must be in a protected file, but during the Bluetooth connection, any connected user or application can access the error. If your phone is not password protected, hackers can access it without even using the BlackBerry Bridge Bluetooth connection. And, of course, if you already have some malicious applications on your phone, it can use access to emails when needed, or you can use a mobile phone jammer to prevent malicious programs from attacking.

In order to use this to your advantage (at least until the new PlayBook is about to be released and promises to fix this error), you can protect the BlackBerry PlayBook Bluetooth connection of the tablet, thereby keeping email and calendar data from hackers. And don't forget the antivirus software)