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Wireless signal can be shielded by wifi jammer

Brown Kyle March 09, 2021 10:30

I like to sit in a coffee shop and do different things on my laptop, from work to entertainment. But recently, I heard about the Firesheep plugin for Mosh Firefox, which allows malicious elements to invade your laptop via WiFi connection. Can I avoid it? Must use wifi jammer?

If you want to spend the afternoon in a cozy coffee shop with WiFi hotspots and open connections, you may not be the only person logging into your Facebook, Twitter or eBay personal account. If Firesheep, an add-on component of Mozilla Firefox, uses the same wireless network together, their developers can peek at other people's browser operations, and whether we can directly use a wifi jammer to block it.

Although the wrong viewer cannot see the secure web page, many websites only protect the login page. After logging in, your resident status is only maintained by cookies, which are packets of information stored by your own browser to keep track of all browsing needs. Still Firesheep still allows its attackers to copy your cookies, so the difference between you and the account owner will not be seen after you log in to any website, thus granting you full access to their personal data.

You can't stop Firesheep from doing its work unless you start smashing all the laptops around you. I hope you don't do this :) You can still protect yourself. For this, you can use a wifi jammer to block the WiFi signal around the laptop, thereby protecting it from outside interference.