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November 2020 Signal Jammers FAQ List

  • Mobile Phone Signal Jammer Market Has Investment Potential

    After studying and observing the various factors that determine the growth, we carefully planned a market research report on the global mobile phone signal jammer market, such as the environmental, economic, social, technological and political status of the above-mentioned regions.


  • Mobile Jammer Cheating To Win

    Cauet is a well-known fact and cannot be played within the rules. On November 23, his team members described how he cheated in "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire". At that time Jean-Pierre Foucaut was still the star host of the project.


  • Mobile Jammers Disrupt Operators’ 3G Services

    ANFR sometimes publishes one of its investigations. This week, a person used a cell phone jammer to block the 3G service of an operator in Gagny (Seine-Saint-Denis). This jammer interfered with a public health agency that specializes in mental health.


  • 5G Mobile Phone Jammers Have An Impact On The Mobile Phone Market

    5G may restart major actions among operators. It seems that someone has already opposed them: the day of 5G frequency allocation auction. It was originally planned to be carried out in April, and should be carried out at the worst possible time in late July or September.


  • Mobile Phone Jammer Cuts Off The Internet To Obtain Electronic Communication Services

    Decline in production, reduced turnover, slow activity... The government decided to temporarily cut the Internet during the bachelor's degree exam, which severely hit companies in various industries, including loss of income.


  • Mobile Jammers Make Drivers More Attentive

    The truck driver allegedly admitted that he had lost control of the vehicle after trying to pick up an object that fell on the floor of his cab. According to reports, it was reportedly between Vervins and Southens in northern France on Tuesday afternoon.


  • GPS Jammer Prevents Cars From Being Stolen

    The Peugeot 3 008 is clearly popular in the African car market, and a network of small traffickers specializing in theft of this particular model has grasped this trend. Five men aged between 27 and 37 were arrested on Tuesday in Clichy-la-Garenne (Upper Seine) and Calais and Boulogne-sur-Mer (Pas de Calais).


  • Long Criminal Record Of Cell Phone Jammers

    Robert Dawes did not waver after announcing his sentence on Friday night, but was appealed and sentenced to 22 years in prison and a customs fine of 30 million euros.


  • Mobile Phone Jammer Makes GSM Products Unusable

    Internet outages happen frequently. If the user is not necessarily aware of this due to the duration of several milliseconds, it may affect the connected objects in the house, many of which are already connected to Wi-Fi.


  • Mobile Phone Jammers Protect The Safety Of Electronic Devices

    No matter how many hours, days or weeks you are away from home, you may feel uneasy, worried, unattended like this. IP security cameras are a simple way to solve this problem.


  • Neighbor Interrupted Security Camera With Wireless Jammer

    My neighbors are interfering with my security cameras, so I need to stop doing this so that I can see them disrupting my front yard.


  • WiFi Jammers Can Prevent U.S. Companies From Sharing Data

    Hi, I'm really worried about my government's growing spy ambitions. That's why I want to know. This is news about their inquiries from Microsoft, Google and other media giants to obtain user information (such as passwords).


  • Can Wifi Jammers Prevent Hackers From Attacking Our Personal Data?

    Those SD cards with Wi-Fi capabilities are very popular because they provide a wide range of opportunities for quickly sharing any type of content.


  • Can WIFI Jammers Block Those Hidden Bluetooth? Peterson Alex

    Hello! I am a teacher and offer special courses for all kinds of people. I need to stop the hidden Bluetooth buds that are often used to cheat. I need a device that can only block the 2.4 GHz frequency.


  • Does GSM Phone Really Block Communication In A Cell?

    Is it true that the guys at the Technical University of Berlin can block all mobile communications in a cell with an old GSM phone jammer? As far as I know, they have updated the firmware of the phone in some way to prevent phone calls.


  • Can GPS Jammers Really Block Trackers?

    My friend recommended this website to me because there are some jamming equipment experts and I have a similar problem. A few days ago, I found a GPS tracker under the car, but the problem is that I have a GPS signal jammer.


  • CanGPS Jammers Shield Family Cars?

    GPS jammers are designed to prevent antenna mining errors only when the correct antenna can be inserted. (Note: If you do not install the antenna to turn on the power switch, the machine may be damaged.)


  • What Is The General Shielding Range Of WIFI Jammers?

    6-channel car capture GPS positioning jammer 2 3 4G network signal jammer wifi jammer uses boutique 6-channel radio signal jammer, according to the actual situation of high-tech products developed by foreigners.


  • The WiFi Jammer Is Far Below The Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Requirements?

    The technical index of the portable deterrent device is the "Public Security Police Electronic Product Quality Inspection Center" obtained by the "Disease Prevention and Control/Environment/Health Product Safety Management Center"


  • Is The Refrigerator A Cell Phone Jammer?

    We heard about cell phones blocking the refrigerator at The situation is strange, but it is entirely possible. First, we will remind readers of this situation.