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May 2020 Signal Jammers FAQ List

  • How do jammers prevent fires?

    Usually when we think of jammers, we think of anti-cheating and anti-tracking. So when it comes to preventing fires, perhaps few people know what is going on. In fact. We all know that the most fire-prone places are forests and gas stations. The biggest danger is at the gas station. Explosions caused by a gas station fire are more terrifying than a simple fire.


  • How to solve the biggest threat of GPS tracking

    GPS tracking remains one of the biggest threats to north americans today. If you're in North America, you've probably noticed strange cars following you around. So, you're usually being followed. You will often see strangers around you.


  • How long can use 4g jammers?

    Perhaps the biggest news of the year will be the arrival of 5G. Huawei has announced at a press conference that it will produce its first 5G mobile phone this year. The era of 5G is coming


  • What's the difference between mobile 5G for and WiFi 5G

    Before the real 5G comes, what we said before 5G actually refers to the 5.8g WiFi.The signals are usually used to control drones. It's also part of the radio signal. Therefore, this type of jammer is mainly aimed at drones rather than mobile phones