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cheating using cell phones in school affect mobile base stations

Bast Heather January 21, 2021 12:30

In order to prevent students from playing with mobile phones at night, Yuyao No. 4 Middle School installed cheating using cell phones in school on every floor of the student dormitory building. It is true that the students do not use their mobile phones when they go to bed at night, but the surrounding residents are annoyed: the mobile phone signals are gone.

Ms. Xu lives in the east area of ​​Jiangnan New Town. Since last year, Ms. Xu has discovered that her mobile phone will display "No Service" after ninety o'clock in the evening. Others can't make calls, and Ms. Xu can't make calls. Sometimes when you are on a call, the phone is disconnected for no reason. At first, Ms. Xu thought it was a problem with her 4G card, so she switched to 2G, but the signal problem still did not improve. Later, when Ms. Xu's friend came to her house as a guest, there would be no signal on the mobile phone. Ms. Xu confirmed that this should not be a problem with her mobile phone.

"There are elderly people and children in the family. What should I do if something goes wrong and I can't call 110?" So, Ms. Xu reported the situation to China Mobile's Yuyao branch. After monitoring by the mobile company, they found that the mobile cell phone jammer came from Yuyao Fourth Middle School.

"Since last year, residents around the Fourth Middle School have reported the signal problems at night." There are those near Modao Bridge, those in Tashan Temple District, and the East District of Jiangnan New City. "cheating using cell phones in school mainly affect mobile base stations. After being affected, the signals in the area covered by the mobile base stations will be interfered." said Mr. Mao from the Network Department of China Mobile Yuyao Branch. Generally speaking, mobile phone jammers can affect mobile phones within 200 meters.

In response to this situation, in the first half of this year, the mobile company provided more than 20 signal jammers with less interference to Yuyao No. 4 Middle School. The person in charge of the General Affairs Office of Yuyao No. 4 Middle School said: “The school clearly stipulates that students cannot bring mobile phones into the school. However, some students still bring mobile phones into the school, use their mobile phones to surf the Internet at night, and do not go to bed on time. Play with mobile phones and take a good rest. More than a year ago, the school installed 30 cheating using cell phones in school in the student dormitory building. The jammers are turned on from 10pm to 6pm the next day, which is when students are resting. Have a good rest. Only then can students study well. It will affect the surrounding residents. We are sorry, we will consider delaying the time when the jammer is turned on."

According to Article 40 of the Chinese Constitution: The freedom of communication and confidentiality of communications of citizens are protected by law. Except for the needs of national security or the pursuit of criminal offences, public security organs or procuratorial organs shall conduct inspections of communications in accordance with the procedures prescribed by law, no organization or individual may infringe on citizens’ freedom of communication and confidentiality for any reason. In addition, according to the "Radio Management Regulations": Except for very special circumstances, no communication cheating using cell phones in school are allowed to be installed and used. Extremely special circumstances mean that the military, public security organs, and national security agencies can control wireless signals within a prescribed time and scope after obtaining the approval of relevant agencies due to confidentiality. The school’s installation of mobile phone signal jammers is a good starting point, but it affects the normal calls of surrounding residents. Such behavior is suspected of infringing the citizens’ right to freedom of communication and should be stopped.