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January 2021 Signal Jammers FAQ List

  • The shielding effect of indoor mobile cell phone bug detector jammers is reduced

    New Delhi: Four years after the fourth-generation cellular service started operating in the country, prison inmates’ rampant use of mobile phones has increased and they decided to upgrade their interference system from 3G to 4G. Since prisoners are known to use 4G SIM cards to make VoIP calls and keep in touch with their employees, cell phone jammer installed in prisons that can block 3G signals are almost unusable.


  • The performance of mobile jams cellphones is lower than that of mobile towers

    During the search, the Tihar authorities found a high-end mobile phone from the cell of the former minister of Haryana, Om Prakash Chotala. "The use of mobile phones by prisoners in prisons is the focus of the police and prison authorities, and we are working hard to stop them.


  • Mobile lojack detector jammers are sold all over the world

    The Roman Catholic priest in Naples, Italy, suffered from the jingling of his mobile phones. He decided to get rid of electronic interference in a high-tech way: according to the London Daily Express, he had installed a cell phone jammer.


  • Use mobile phone titan jammers to prevent eavesdropping

    According to reports, the reason the neighboring merchants were less enthusiastic was that the mobile cell phone jammer also blocked the credit card authorization device. It turns out that “the church is located in the center of the so-called “Pignasecca” in central Naples.


  • Mobile cell tower spoofing jammers to combat human trafficking

    As part of its anti-trafficking activities, the government’s immigration services will reactivate at least four cell tower spoofing jammers at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). The Bureau of Immigration (BI) announced on Wednesday that it will install similar mobile cell phone jammer in all immigration areas of the country’s international airports.


  • Mobile jammer store hoax rejects all cyber attacks

    With the increasing throughput and range of the next-generation 802.11n WLAN in IEEE standard products, the "fully wireless" enterprise access network has attracted a lot of attention. One consideration for using only unlicensed radio waves for company LAN access is the impact of interference on network availability.


  • The effect of mobile phone detector device in busy areas of electronic products is very obvious

    mobile phone detector device are mainly aimed at various places where the use of mobile phones is prohibited, such as various examination rooms, schools, gas stations, churches, courts, libraries, conference centers (rooms), theaters, hospitals, governments, finance, prisons, public security, and military centers.


  • Install a mobile cell phone signal detector in the examination room to prevent cheating

    It's the time of the annual college entrance examination again. Why are there such situations around the exam site during the college entrance examination that "cannot make and receive calls, cannot access the Internet, and send and receive unsuccessful information"? This starts with the cell phone signal detector for the college entrance examination.


  • Fined $34.9 million for using cell phone bug detector

    Beijing time on May 27th, according to foreign media reports, a man in Florida and a Chinese company CTS Technology were formally fined US$48,000 and US$34.9 million respectively by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for the use of signal interference by the man. To prevent drivers from using cell phones, and CTS Technology sells these devices.


  • Car out of control is caused by mobile cell phone detector

    A few days ago, the Limpopo police multi-departmental joint operation prevented a group of criminal gangs attempting to plan a robbery in the Tzaneen area in advance. According to the wire report, the police found a Mercedes-Benz car driving along the road outside Tzaneen.


  • cell phone in backpack can maintain law and order

    Attorney General Vitaliano Aguirre II said last Sunday that two more advanced cell phone jammer will be installed next week in the "new national prison" where some high-profile prisoners are detained. (NBP) Building.


  • cheating using cell phones in school affect mobile base stations

    In order to prevent students from playing with mobile phones at night, Yuyao No. 4 Middle School installed cheating using cell phones in school on every floor of the student dormitory building. It is true that the students do not use their mobile phones when they go to bed at night, but the surrounding residents are annoyed: the mobile phone signals are gone.


  • Most network problems are caused by phone tracker detector jammers

    On January 30, the police from the Wolong Police Station of the Wenshan Public Security Bureau cooperated with radio law enforcement officers from the State Industry and Information Commission to monitor and investigate the disturbed area.


  • How does the mini portable cellphone jammer j 260a shield the signal

    mini portable cellphone jammer j 260a, I believe students in the past few years know what it is, the most common radio jamming device in the examination room. It mainly interferes with the cell phone signal in the nearby area, causing the cell phone signal to lose connection with the base station.


  • hidden cell phone detector can no longer be used in special places

    The rapid development of communication nowadays has brought closer communication between people. However, while communication technology brings convenience to people, it also brings new challenges to communication security and confidentiality.


  • Mobile mini cellphone jammer needs to be connected to the scene to use

    The penetration rate of smart phones is getting higher and higher, and the scope of application is getting wider and wider. From small to life consumption to large work applications, we can't do without it. However, in some special occasions, the functions of mobile phones should be limited, but there are still some people who do not follow the regulations and still use mobile phones unscrupulously.


  • Does WiFi jammer affect your life?

    No matter where we go now, it seems that the first sentence we enter the store is to ask the owner: "What is your WiFi password?"


  • It is illegal for WiFi jammers to block other people's signals

    Because Xiao Mou in Xinfeng County was worried that WiFi would be harmful to his body, he bought a wifi jammer and installed it in his home. As a result, the network signal of the entire community was sometimes lost.


  • Can a wifi signal jammer block local wireless signals?

    Now that wireless networks are flooded, there will be mutual interference between networks, resulting in poor wireless networks in their homes. How do many people want to shield the signal? Can a wifi jammer block local wireless signals?


  • How to use WiFi jammer to block signal?

    Today, I will talk about the solution to the WiFi being blocked by the network. Let me talk about the reasons. There are two main reasons. The first reason is that your WiFi password is relatively simple, and it is connected by others.


  • The practical application of mobile phone jammer in real life

    The college entrance examination is about to usher in one day. The college entrance examination is a key step in determining the destiny of children, so how to ensure the fairness of the college entrance examination is the goal of every examinee and parent's concern.


  • Mobile jammers are cost-effective and suitable for use in school examination rooms

    With the passage of time, 5G external mobile phone signal jammer technology has basically matured. Based on the previous 4G technical foundation, the newly developed JYD-P805V external 5G mobile phone signal jammer...