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Car out of control is caused by mobile cell phone detector

Hawkins Andre January 23, 2021 12:30

A few days ago, the Limpopo police multi-departmental joint operation prevented a group of criminal gangs attempting to plan a robbery in the Tzaneen area in advance. According to the wire report, the police found a Mercedes-Benz car driving along the road outside Tzaneen. When the officers tried to stop them, the passengers in the car started shooting at the police. Then the police and the culprit launched a fierce high-speed chase until the criminal's vehicle lost control and crashed into the side of the road.

Six suspects were arrested, aged between 28 and 38, who were trapped in the crashed car. The police found two 9mm caliber pistols, two magazines, two bullets, a mobile cell phone jammer, a Mercedes-Benz car, and an Audi car at the scene. The police later confirmed that the Audi vehicle was hijacked in the Ivory park area of ​​Gauteng, and the chassis number of the Mercedes-Benz vehicle was changed.

Of the six suspects, five are natives of South Africa and one is of Swaziland nationality. The suspects will soon be tried in the local courts. They will be charged with attempted murder, conspiracy of robbery, possession of mobile cell phone detector, stolen vehicles, and illegal guns and ammunition.