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The performance of mobile jams cellphones is lower than that of mobile towers

Sparks Arron January 30, 2021 11:30

During the search, the Tihar authorities found a high-end mobile phone from the cell of the former minister of Haryana, Om Prakash Chotala. "The use of mobile phones by prisoners in prisons is the focus of the police and prison authorities, and we are working hard to stop them. In addition to having better mobile jams cellphones, we will also strengthen patrols and ensure that the routes used by mobile phones are connected," Goel told TOI. The equipment will also be installed in Mandoli and Rohini prisons where there are currently no signal jammers. The senior prison authorities are required to develop a plan to purchase and install these mobile cell phone jammer. In addition to cracking down on cell phone use in Delhi prisons, all 16 prison guards, the number one prisoner, met and asked them to increase the frequency of raids. A special team has been set up to inspect equipment thrown by outsiders into the detention center. According to sources, employees of famous criminals put certain parts of their phones in rubber balls and threw them into jail. These are collected and compiled by criminals. Usually, you use a standard SIM card to make calls and destroy them later.

We know that the interference effects of different mobile jams cellphones are different. What factors determine the outcome of the failure? The first factor in determining the impact of interference is of course the performance of the jammer. The stronger the mobile phone jammer, the larger the interference radius may be. The interference radius can only be 5 meters or 1 km. This is because the performance is different. The greater the power of the jammer, the better the effect and the higher the price. The most intuitive feat of a mobile jammer is to see its performance, which is the interference radius. The second factor is the interference of the local signal strength, or the distance from the mobile tower. The closer the telephone tower is, the stronger the telephone signal and the more severe the interference. If the location is near the signal tower, the GSM jams cellphones may not have any effect, because the performance of the mobile tower is usually much greater than that of the mobile phone jammer. We also emphasized that if you want to use low-power mobile phone jammers to blockdevices, such as B. high-performance Bluetooth wireless router.