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December 2020 Signal Jammers FAQ List

  • The purchase of mobile phone jammers is suspected of illegal

    Every year during the college entrance examination, the school will have network problems, such as mobile phone disconnection and slow Internet speed, because the school has turned on mobile cell phone jammer.


  • The greater the power of the wifi jammer, the better the shielding effect

    In the Internet age, the Internet has become a "necessity". For many people, no Internet is more uncomfortable than a dead cell phone. Also in life, many people will install a broadband at home in order to better experience the Internet.


  • Mobile phone jammer prevents loss of electronic property

    The mobile phone signal changed from 4G to 2G, and the money in the bank account was looted? This may be criminals committing crimes maliciously through SMS sniffing technology, intercepting users' SMS verification codes from banks, third-party payment platforms and mobile operators...


  • The heat dissipation function of the mobile phone jammer is very important

    Metal has the properties of a mobile phone jammer, and there are many metal cabinets in public places. You cannot bring your mobile phone when you go swimming or bathing. For safety reasons, your mobile phone is usually locked in a tin cabinet.


  • Security work uses large signal jammers to maintain order

    In this year’s Youth Olympic security, Nanjing Metro Police specially introduced two new security weapons, which are signal jammers and mobile X-ray machines.


  • Mobile jammers are conducive to the normal performance of students

    Yesterday, the invigilator was installing mobile jammer equipment in the examination room of Shanghai No. 8 Middle School and arranged it in accordance with the standardized examination room.


  • Mobile jammers often appear in major exams

    The two-day countdown for the college entrance examination shows that all preparations for the college entrance examination in Fujian Province are basically ready.


  • Mobile phone jammer prohibits playing mobile phones at work

    In order to prevent employees from playing with mobile phones during work, the company used mobile cell phone jammer ingeniously, which resulted in complaints from surrounding residents.


  • Can mobile jammers really build a style of study?

    Signal jammers are installed in the classrooms, and the teacher only needs to press a button, and the mobile phones become bricks. The teacher's control of this high-tech will undoubtedly make the students "frightened."


  • Mobile phone jammer to prevent leakage

    "In less than an hour after the test started, the answer to this art test literary knowledge (hereinafter referred to as "Wen Chang") was posted on the Internet."


  • There is no mobile phone jammer in the examination room. Students use mobile phones to check answers

    A number of candidates who did not want to be named revealed to reporters that some candidates in their examination room handed in papers more than an hour in advance, and that candidates were still allowed to enter the examination room for the exam even if they were 20 minutes late. .


  • Mobile jammer can be turned on at the appropriate time

    485,000 students in Hubei began to take the annual college entrance examination on the 7th. For the first time, all examination rooms and candidate lounges were required to install mobile phone signal shielding devices and other equipment.


  • Mobile jammer can be adjusted as needed

    Shielding mobile phone signals, as an important means to prevent candidates from cheating, is facing severe challenges with the advancement of technology.


  • Mobile jammers create a quiet classroom environment

    "In order to prohibit senior high school students from using mobile phones in class, each classroom must turn on mobile cell phone jammer." Recently, many parents posted online reflecting that they worried that this practice of Jiangxia District Experimental High School would affect their children's health.


  • WiFi Jammers Are Used In Various Fields

    Drones are very popular in the current era of science and technology. Drones have become a favorite project. People can enjoy panoramic views and take more beautiful photos.


  • GPS Jammer Prevents Vehicles From Being Tracked

    I want to buy a GPS locator to prevent the vehicle from being tracked, which may lead to leakage of my privacy. I have seen many shops about this product on the Internet.


  • Mobile Phone Jammer Prevents Trojan Horse Apps

    Hello everyone! I want my own cell phone signal jammer. I mainly want to use it at home. I also want to use it on the vehicle to protect my privacy. I saw related articles on the forum about desktop computers being more suitable for families.


  • Old Jammers Will Not Be Able To Jam The Latest Smartphones

    As we all know, mobile phones are becoming more and more popular, causing many social problems, so more and more people use mobile phone jammers. What are the benefits of mobile jammers? What are the disadvantages?


  • Very Special Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

    I know that the school uses an example of cell phone jammers, but if I have jamming devices in other locations, can you please provide specific information about where the signal jamming devices need to be used?


  • Wifi Jammer Can Help You Block Wireless And Bluetooth Signals

    Hello everyone, I know that the gsm blocker is the 2g frequency we often say, and it is the basic communication signal frequency of our mobile phones. In addition, what fields are it used in? The GSM frequency band is also widely used in various anti-theft systems.


  • Wi-Fi Networks Are Vulnerable

    Hello everyone! Is your child addicted to online games? Maybe not. Maybe it is serious. My child is severely affected by online games. What is the best way to save him from the game? First of all, online games are entertainment activities that require network signals, so please disable them, wifi jammer can help you.


  • The Wifi Jammer Should Have A Good Wireless Signal Shielding Function

    Hello everyone! I know that not only in the public network, but also in the home network, there are security risks. How should I choose to protect my home wireless jammer equipment? According to your question, I conducted some simple analysis.


  • Wifi Jammer Produces Radio Waves Of The Same Frequency

    Recently, my home wireless network signal is very weak or even not available. How can this happen? My friend told me that there may be the following reasons


  • WiFi Jammers Can Block Wireless Network Signals At Home

    I want to make a simple wifi signal jammer by myself, which can improve my hands-on ability and block wireless network signals at home. Can you recommend some links about making videos? There are many courses and documents on the Internet.