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wireless video camera jammer make people tired

Mayfield James February 01, 2021 11:30

The bad guys want to be as anonymous as possible. For this reason, they may prefer to make wireless WiFi jammers. According to researchers Mathy Vanhoef and Frank Piessens at the University of Leuven in Belgium, this is now easier than ever. In their "Advanced Wi-Fi Attacks Using Commodity Hardware (PDF)", the researchers discussed the construction of different types of wireless wifi jammer with simple Wi-Fi dongle. The author writes: "As the new standard crosses the boundary between transmission speed and functionality, the capabilities of wireless chips increase accordingly." "This opens up a new way to implement the latest attacks using off-the-shelf equipment. This attack is only possible on expensive hardware (such as general software radio peripherals).” Vanhoef discussed their results at the recent BruCON Security Conference. His conversation can be seen on YouTube. One of the more interesting findings Vanhoef discussed was how he changed the firmware of the Wi-Fi dongle and forced the target network to change the priority to the changed wireless video camera jammer, making the channel unusable for other devices.

Wireless jammers are called "wireless video camera jammer" in the United States and emit radio waves to prevent mobile phones from connecting to the Internet. For children used in police equipment, this is a few hundred meters within a radius of five meters. This act was fined 450 euros in France. Only prisons and event halls can be equipped with radio systems that make mobile phones unusable. "(Articles L33-3 and 39-2 of the Postal and Electronic Communications Code) Pierre-Yves Daumas and his company Magnum Telecom were suppliers of approximately 20 French penal institutions and were also extradited to private individuals until they were in 2007 In December, I received a warning letter from the National Frequency Agency (ANFR): As the company’s e-mail inquiry showed, parents are not the only ones who can easily encrypt. A teacher wanted to “limit the use of laptops during class ( Of course be cautious)". A university professor said that he was tired of letting students carry portable WIFI jammers during exams.

Detention centers are institutions that detain criminals who have been arrested or detained under criminal law. Criminals who are sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than one year, or whose remaining sentence is not more than one year and cannot be sent to a reform-through-labor place for execution, may also be supervised by a detention center. The task of the detention center is to carry out armed guards and guards against detainees and prisoners in accordance with national laws to ensure safety; to educate the prisoners; to manage the life and health of the prisoners; to ensure the smooth progress of investigation, prosecution and trial work.