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July 2020 Signal Jammers FAQ List

  • A jammer was installed for the fair examination

    In order to re-examine cheating on the use of electronic equipment during the exam, the Himalal government decided to use jammers at the test center that plans to recruit police officers on September 8.


  • Jammers are used to cut off links between criminals

    So far, during the visit to VVIP, the state has relied on interference vehicles from neighbouring Haryana and Punjab. Nearly a decade after it began to modernize the poorly equipped police force.


  • The jammer is already in use on the sea

    Following the submission of the NGJ-LB proposal in January, Northrop Grumman, by choosing CPI Aero, Inc. to provide the NGJ-LB pod structure and assembly, continued to advance the implementation.


  • Jammers have a great impact on public safety

    Communication provides a vital lifeline for first responders and federal law enforcement personnel in the United States to ensure that they can do their duty to protect and serve our citizens, communities


  • Jammers have powerful power and task processing capabilities

    For years, officials have been touting the Navy's "next-generation jammer", which is the main off-area electronic attack platform of the joint force, and its power is at least 10 times that of traditional weapons.


  • Jammers have been used in war

    The US Space Force announced on March 13 that a new type of ground communications jammer used to block enemy satellite transmissions is ready for combat operations.


  • Sell ​​various jammers

    perfectjammer specializes in the production and sale of high-quality signal jammers, and provides jammers for a wide range of military applications. Drone jammers include portable, desktop, suitcase, briefcase and car models.