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Most network problems are caused by phone tracker detector jammers

Myerson Toniann January 20, 2021 12:30

On January 30, the police from the Wolong Police Station of the Wenshan Public Security Bureau cooperated with radio law enforcement officers from the State Industry and Information Commission to monitor and investigate the disturbed area. In the Elderly Village, technicians have detected a broadband signal whose frequency completely covers the mobile communication frequency band. After further investigation and positioning, the signal source was finally locked in a warehouse in the village. After inspection by law enforcement officers, it was discovered that there were two mobile phone tracker detector jammers in the warehouse. After turning them off, mobile communications returned to normal. In the Ma Litang, law enforcement officers found a mobile cell phone jammer after reconnaissance and positioning.

After investigation, a mobile phone jammer was set up by a car loan company and was mainly used to shield mobile communication signals and GPS positioning systems to prevent the location of warehouses storing mortgaged items from being exposed. This type of case is the first case in Wenshan Prefecture. On the same day, the Wenshan Prefecture Industry and Information Commission conducted an investigation into the case, and forced the removal and temporary seizure of the equipment involved in the case in accordance with the law. On January 31, the "Notice of Administrative Punishment of Radio Management" was issued to the car loan company. Mobile users in the two areas have resumed normal calls.

It is understood that the three radio phone tracker detector jammers seized this time are "three-no" products, which have not been approved for the radio transmission equipment model. They have radio signal transmission in the public mobile communications 2G, 3G, 4G frequency bands, GPS and walkie-talkie frequency bands. Most of these radio wifi jammers have not obtained the model approval of radio transmission equipment, and the quality of their products is uneven. Once they fail or their transmission bandwidth power is too wide or too high, they will cause serious interference to surrounding communication base stations, and some even Aviation safety poses a threat.

Wenshan Prefecture Industry and Information Commission reminds: unauthorized installation of mobile phone tracker detector jammers and amplifiers is a crime and may violate the criminal law. If the general public often encounters abnormal mobile phone signals or WIFI signals, please report to the operator in time.