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WiFi jammers can control electronic robots

Hagood Roy March 03, 2021 10:30

Recently, I watched a video about the iRobot 710 fighter, and I am worried that this thing might be used against me. Is there any way to stop outside my house? I guess you have watched iRobot 710 Warrior or similar videos. It is impossible to disagree that this technological miracle is indeed impressive and proves how advanced modern technology is. Yes, this kind of robot can do many things. It is useful in different situations and in the hands of the right person. It can be manipulated effectively to save many lives, but I am worried that its signal can be wifi jammer stopped.

However, if the iRobot 710 is used incorrectly, it can become a huge potential danger for anyone. It has high mobility, can climb up and down stairs and other slopes, has surveillance cameras and very skilled manipulators, and can accomplish many things, including reaching hard-to-reach places and lifting cars. Still it has a weakness.

A person must use a radio Ethernet connection to control the iRobot 710 Warrior through a remote control station. This connection can use a wide frequency range in its operation, and it is impossible to determine the exact frequency range used to operate a particular iRobot 710 Warrior. It can be GSM900, WiFi or other wireless frequency bands. The wireless remote control of the iRobot 710 fighter has a range of about 800 meters, so you may not see anyone hiding behind this metal machine.

But don't panic, because you can still use the WiFi jammer to prevent the bad guys controlling the iRobot 710 from causing any harm to you, making your house a safe place for you and your family.